Saturday, June 30, 2012

I deserve to win the Timberland from Samantha Kong!

Well, I think is time for me to get new clothes and accessories. I have been wearing the same thing for past few years, without getting a new one. Yes, I am the type hardly spend any money on clothes. However, my beloved sis, Samantha Kong is giving away Timberlake voucher! OMG!! Me want!! You can check her awesome blog at here too k ;P

So, what's make me deserve to win this? Well here are the reason...

Ok sadly, I always being naked in my blog. Look at my blog header, it is exposed to everyone..I need a clothes to cover myself T__T

Not to mention, I am The Amazing Angry Birdman (refer to this post)! I need some perfect clothes and accessories to disguise myself and into the society. I felt my current identity is too easy to be recognize or expose.

Of course, with all the stylo Timberland product, I can easily upgrade myself in term of fashion. I can look very stylish and in the same time, I can become Angry Birdman as well when i don't need to disguise.

So, do you think I deserve the voucher so that i can has new clothes from Timberland please?? If this happen, it gonna be the first time i have Timberland product in my life :3

For more info, check out Timberland Facebook Page ;)

Friday, June 29, 2012

TWINS 人人弹起 Concert LIVE in Malaysia大马演唱会 2012

Yeap! I am late to blog about this. Was waiting for the official photo to ready hehe :P Well it is concert afterall where I am not given any privileged to bring in camera and shoot at front line. Well, I am not photographer or media anyway. Anyway, courtesy to Nuffnang and Genting group, I am given a chance to watch TWINS 人人弹起 Concert LIVE in Malaysia大马演唱会 2012!

So it is Twins! After disbanded for few years due to some scandal, they are back together! Honest speaking, I used to be their huge fans when they just came out as singer. Their song back to those day are nice, very pure I must say. I do admit i dislike their recent song.

With the feeling hoping they could sing more their old song, I actually pretty disappointed. Watching them singing live make me feel they don't have they they used to have, the OHM! They couldn't hype up all audiences in the arena, well except those in VIP area.

Their live singing wasn't good. Not to mention, Ah Sa tend to not eanough breath to sing and some out of tune. I am not sure about their dancing, i though it suppose to be on sync however Ah Sa and Gillian dancing totally not syncing.

Another thing i pretty dislike was they couldn't deliver a more convincing speech when communicate with audiences. The way they speak just sound like they couldn't care less on audiences response. I feel disappointed. I really hope they could do better than this.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy some part of the concert. Thanks to Nuffnang and Genting Group again for the invitation!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OneFM Jane 黄明慧 is leaving OneFM

Updated : Jack sing a song for Jane! How sweet it is :P Video at the bottom of the post teehee

If you wonder who is Jane 黄明慧, she is well known as OneFM DJ for Morning Kaki session. It is sad to get the news that she is leaving and continue her career in acting.

Well, it is pretty emotional for me because I been listening to OneFM station on d moment i got my very first car. Morning Kaki has been accompanied me throughout all this years whenever i am driving to Uni and now to work.

I still remember they first time I listen to Morning Kaki was handle by Jane and Jeff. Later when Jeff left it replace with Jack & Ryan and later on only left Jack & Jane. Honestly, i love this two duo. They have been bringing alot laughter to me during my journey every morning.

Not to mention, "At the End of Daybreak 心魔" was her first movie I ever watch. She can act well ;)

This morning saw all OneFM DJ change their cover photo and saying good bye to Jane ;'( Well, less one voice accompanied me every morning now. Hopefully Jack & Yoon could create a new spark for Morning Kaki.

Finally, if you guys don't know, you can like her new Facebook Page :D All the best Jane!

p/s Tomorrow is her last day in Morning Kaki!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shiga Lin 連詩雅, Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 and Seven Liew 刘家溢 song

Well i used to share my favorite song at here. Today I decided to share three song that i keep looping recently from Shiga Lin 連詩雅, Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 and 刘家溢Seven Liew.

連詩雅 Shiga - 到此為止

薛凱琪 Fiona Sit - Better Me

未够 Seven Liew - 刘家溢

Shiga Lin is having showcase this Saturday. Hope I can go :(

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brave Premiere Screening

Courtesy to Nuffnang i get to watch up Brave premiere screening. I was anticipating this animation back to few months. So, it is nice? Lets' find out :)

In rugged and mythic Scotland, the impetuous, tangle-haired Merida, though a daughter of royalty, would rather make her mark as an archer. A clash of wills with her mother compels Merida to make a reckless choice, which unleashes unintended peril on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Merida struggles with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and a dark ancient curse.

Lets start with storyline. It is pretty simple story line. Princess, prince, rival/enemy and finally happy ending. Pretty much like Disney style, which doesnt like Pixar at all. Story flow is alright, not much suspension, predictable and of course, not so entertaining compare to other animation. Mirida will be the first character ever that doesnt look like princess thanks to her unattractive hair. However, there is a touched moment too :) Ok I am easily touched when stuff related to family.

On style wise, I love the details in texturing and lighting. Pixar manage to pump up more detail. The forest and castle was well done. I cant complain at all. Character animation wise was perfect too especially Angue, the horse, those I am expecting it will have more role like Max from Rapunzel. Not to mention, i love the bear fight! It is pretty awesome ;)

The 3D version of Brave already on screening since last week but the Digital 2D will be available this Thursday ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

FrapTV Video - Midnight Delivery

It just happen suddenly when Ernest suddenly approached us with smiley face and said "Hey guys! I got an idea! Just a quick shooting! Just gathered on Friday and start shooting". This cause all of us in deep thinking what idea Ernest have? He refuse to reveal it until Friday night.

Yeap, everyone, FrapTV present another video this month, Midnight Delivery. Ok ironically the script originally don't have the title :P The title was decided when I am done editing the first version of this video and uploaded to YouTube, it was already midnight. Thus, i told them "Midnight delivery! *throw youtube link*" and they said "Hey nice title! I like it" LOL :P Random quote is always awesome. Anyway! Enjoy!!

Well, I did a huge mistake when i deleted all Behind The Scene video :( sigh... Nevertheless, only left pics to do the talking.

* We have canon here *
* and Nikon on this side! *
* Kenwooi as Dad role *
* When the team on work! *

If you're wondering, yes the last scene the car was really on accident. We awesome because we can damage the properties :P

* Eric injured himself before the filming *
* washing his finger LOL *
* Shooting on roll *
* buttsex anyone? :P *

Anyway, do LIKE us on our Facebook Page if you haven't and subscribe to us on YouTube! ;) and of course, be careful at everywhere now since recent accident that always happen at car park especially lady!!

Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Amazing Angry Birdman

"If you were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would you want to get?

This question suddenly pop out in my mind...

Well, I bet this is every man dream when we was young! Everyone want big thing happen to the world! Everyone want Zombie apocalypse! Everyone want this world got monster! or at least Pokemon is real..and finally, everyone wanna be Super Hero! To save the world! To get glory! and to get hot chick!

So here Angry Birdman to save the world and gain benefits on it's own also! Awesome super power right! However always remember..great power will bring great responsible. In my case bring Angry Birdman, i will have one responsible to deal with...

Yes, I will always feel angry especially when see green pig tried to steal my egg! Now die you die!! *launch self to green pig*

Oh well, have a great day ahead everyone! Until today i still dreaming to be super hero! ;)

Dirty Nelly's - Sounds Like a Plan @ Life Center Food Tasting

Well, courtesy to Eric I get to join the awesome dinner after whole day working. Been alays wanted to try Dirty Nelly's and finally I am given a chance to do so.

What most awesome was all of us are given a chance to taste all food in their menu..Yay! Pork heaven! All the way from starter to soup and to main course! Really sinful yet happy dinner.

* Cock-A-Leekie *

Cock-A-Leekie Soup is a traditional winter warmer, as the name itself suggests, chicken and leaks are the main ingredients along with prunes. It came with bread as well.

* Yellow Vanilla *

Yellow Vanilla basically is a roasted pumpkin & squash then blitz to creaminess with nutmeg and topped with vanilla sour cream. It served with bread also. This soup is my personal favourite!

* British Tomato *

British Tomato is homemade tomato cooked with vegetable, chicken stock and pork bacon. A must try as recommended in the menu.

* Crab Cakes RM21 *

For starter, we were served Crab Cakes. It is a mixture between white and brown crab meat with a medley of other complemented ingredients. Obviously, it is deep fried and served with homemade tartar sauce. I highly recommended this! :D

* Caesar Salad *

Nothing to shout about the Caesar Salad. It has most what a salad should have with additional pork bacon, boiled quail eggs, bread croutons toasted and special Caesar dressing.

* Gammon Steak with Pineapple & Fried Duck Egg RM45 *

Gammon Steak with Pineapple & Fried Duck Egg served with grilled gammon steak and caramelized pineapple make a classic pairing. Of course, fried duck egg was added to enhance the taste.

* Shepherd's Pie RM38 *
* inside the pie *

Shepherd's Pie is traditional farmer's minched lamb topped with mashed potato and sealed underneath a golden crispy puff pastry.

* Pork or Beef Escalopes RM35 *

Pork or Beef Escalopes is simply yet tasty meal. Delicately flavored pork or beef meat, pan fried to absolute deliciousness and served with boiled asparagus and creamed mushroom sauce.

* Nelly's Belly RM45 *

Rich and fatty pork belly exquisitely braised with a medley of spices served with steamed vegetables and heraty onion and apple sauce - this is Nelly's Belly for you!

* Beef Cobbler with Scones RM35 *

Beef Cobbler with Scones is light and fluffy on the top, rich and tender at the bottom. The beef was stew with cheesy topping.

* Sausage with Mustard Mash & Sweet Sour Red Pepper RM41 *

Sausage with Mustard Mash & Sweet Sour Red Pepper is another version of Bangers and Mash. The Jumbo pork sausages is boiled then grilled. Served with mustard mash and sweet sour red pepper.

* Dirty Nelly's RM53 *

Dirty Nelly's is signature dish! Trio of Pork, Beef and Lamb meat combination to make this wicked patty (300g weight). Buried generously in the patty with English cheddar and Jalapeno Peppers. Grilled and tucked in between sesame seed bun with Mustard Mash topping. Grilled beacon and duck eggs sunny side-up, accompanied by a bowl of chili and crispy white baits.

Overall, a very satisfactory dinner. I can't tell you which main course are nice. All of them are equally good! Just head to Dirty Nelly's and pick one, definitely won't disappointed a pork lover like me!