Monday, June 25, 2012

FrapTV Video - Midnight Delivery

It just happen suddenly when Ernest suddenly approached us with smiley face and said "Hey guys! I got an idea! Just a quick shooting! Just gathered on Friday and start shooting". This cause all of us in deep thinking what idea Ernest have? He refuse to reveal it until Friday night.

Yeap, everyone, FrapTV present another video this month, Midnight Delivery. Ok ironically the script originally don't have the title :P The title was decided when I am done editing the first version of this video and uploaded to YouTube, it was already midnight. Thus, i told them "Midnight delivery! *throw youtube link*" and they said "Hey nice title! I like it" LOL :P Random quote is always awesome. Anyway! Enjoy!!

Well, I did a huge mistake when i deleted all Behind The Scene video :( sigh... Nevertheless, only left pics to do the talking.

* We have canon here *
* and Nikon on this side! *
* Kenwooi as Dad role *
* When the team on work! *

If you're wondering, yes the last scene the car was really on accident. We awesome because we can damage the properties :P

* Eric injured himself before the filming *
* washing his finger LOL *
* Shooting on roll *
* buttsex anyone? :P *

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Have a nice day everyone!