Monday, July 02, 2012

HDR at Riana Green

Well, this fountain HDR was captured at Riana Green Condo on night time. I just being curious for doing HDR on moving object, which is the water flow.

July is approaching. We are entering Q3 of 2012. How's life been treating you? For me, there are still alot stuff to learn. There are more stuff to learn in life beside improving ownself for job aspect. Well, life is all about learning process. I wouldn't mind pick up as much as I can. I can only glad I am given opportunity to learn.

My convocation is happening soon :) Time to reunion with university friends and who know, this might be last memories we share together. Everyone eventually will or already walking on the path they set for themself. This is life. I always believe and practice this habit - Human come Human go in our life.

Nevertheless, I hope everyone found something they could proud standing on to balance themself. Have a great weekend ahead folk!