Monday, June 18, 2012

Hennessy Artistry : SQCC Edition

It is the first Hennessy Artistry in 2012! Boot up all the way at Strait Quay Convention Center (SQCC), Penang, Lollipop F, Suki Low, Ernest C, Andy Moor and Ramsey Westwood ready to blast the stage with party go-er!

The event started up with Ramsey Westwood spinning. Awesome song around and he managed to hype up the crowds before official performance start.

The emcee of the night is none other than VJ Holly and VJ Rich.

Of course, Suki Low, our local artist take charge the stage later on and as usual, I love her voice so much! It is powerful enough moved my heart! Her singing was great as well. Of course, beside singing, she dance as well with her dancer.






Next is none other than everyone favourite, Lollipop F all the way from Taiwan! The boy band consisted Owodog, Fabien, Awayne and William. They did alot hardcore dancing on the stage and have a great interaction with audiences! Definitely worth standing whole night watching their performances.






Follow up next Andy Moor take over the stage and there's where the party start and later on took over by Ernest C!

Overall, awesome night with awesome performance around! I cant wait the next Hennessy Artistry and thanks Hennessy again for the invites!

More pics is in my Facebook page :)


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