Friday, June 22, 2012

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion @ Rootz, Lot 10

On a very fine day betina suddenly asked do I wanna attend event at Rootz, Lot 10 by Kronenbourg 1664. Both of us are actually being clueless what it is about since she won the invites from Facebook but no details provided. Guess Kronenbourg need improve their services. Nevertheless, we went to the event!

It appear to be a fashion show event, featured two young Malaysian fashion designer works. Well, just a pretty quick fashion show showcase anyway. Too bad, i just brought my 12mm lens to shoot that night.

Dato Jimmy Choo in the house too that night. My first time seeing his real person :P

It was a quick fashion showcase but nevertheless, I enjoy the moment spend with Betina ;)