Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Tasting

* NZN outlet at the Curve *

Courtesy to Mel and Michelle, I am invited for the New Zealand Natural ice cream tasting. I love Ice Cream, who dont? It is one of the magical dessert that turn all stress or negative energy into positive. However mind you, I am abit cheapskate when come to pricey ice cream. Thus, this was actually my first time having NZ Ice Cream.

 * Ice Cream! *
* Preparing *

For your information, New Zealand Natural is introducing new product for a short period of time only. Of course, we are given opportunity to taste it first right before it release on market. So, are you ready to find out what it is?

* Pecan Praline Crunch Cookie Sundae - RM13.90 *

Pecan Praline Crunch Cookie Sundae was fill with ice cream, chunky pecan nuts and caramel fudge. The cookie is very sweet to my liking. I need to drink few glasses of water before finish up the whole cookie.

* Pecan Praline Crunch Affogato Drink - RM12.90 *

Pecan Praline Crunch Affogato Drink will be my most favourite. It came together with a small cup of espresso to pour over the ice cream and biscotti. Of course, you get to control the quantity of espresso to be pour on it. The espresso bitterness is perfect for me.

Overall, great way to fill my tummy with dinner. Yes, the two product was my dinner on that day. Awesome!


Nana Eddy said...

I am officially announcing to steal your pictures!!! muahahahahaha~~ don't worry, I won't erase your watermark. hehe

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Xue Ren said...

Ice cream dinner!! :D btw, it was nice to meet you that day! :)

Jackie Loi said...

@nana LOL okehguy.jpg

@nikel thanks ;)

@xueren nice to meet u too! :D