Friday, June 15, 2012

Perfect Romantic Escape

Count back the years, it has been 5 years since I coupled with Betina. Honestly, 5 years relationship is not too long yet, is not too short. We have been experiences alot stuff together but yet, there is one and only experience we lack of, Romantic Holiday.

Back to those years, I am still a student who penniless. I am not from rich family. Mind you I do have a rich dad poor in reality, I dont have a rich dad. I cant get a rich dad from Mc Donald happy meal! Damnit. Thus, I couldn't afford any sweet, romantic yet awesome holiday to Betina.

The furthest holiday we been before should be either in Melaka or Bukit Tinggi. Eventhough it is local, we are happy :) Last year i bought her to Lookout point to celebrate her birthday as well.

I know she is happy and willing to wherever for holiday as long as with me. But of course, I wanna give more to her! I wanna do more for her! I know deep inside her heart there is a destination she wanted to go for holiday, Japan! That's place where both of us wanted to go.

We love japanese food so much! I love sushi while she love all type of salmon! Sashimi, this mi that mi. Thus, isn't Japan the perfect place for us to taste all this original food?

We love snow too but too bad, Malaysia would never ever snowing. At Japan, we could experience the snow and play ski as well at Mt Fuji! Honestly, I really wanted to do so :D

Not to mention, Japanese are origin of all anime! There are certain anime character she love such as prince of tennie, Doraemon, Hello Kitty and etc while I love Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Slam Dunk and alot more. Thus, Japan is a perfect destination for us to indulge the anime experience.

Holiday to Japan seem still far away from our dream. We just started to work and we are saving hard so that each year we could go vacation together. At the moment, I hope I able to bring her somewhere further abit for holiday. Langkawi, what say you? ;)

I believe it is very romantic for both of us. Imagine, we holding hand, walking beside the beach, been blown by natural wind and enjoy sunset. Such experience really a very rare sight for us.