Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Greedy Ghost (贪心鬼见鬼) Gala Screening

I was invited for Greedy Ghost (贪心鬼见鬼) Gala Screening last night together with meet and greet with the artist from movie.

Lim has always been unlucky. He is struggling to make ends meet until he chanced upon the 'Wordless Script' one day and won the lottery! As the winning was only marginal, it was soon exhausted when he spent it with Nam and Hui, his two poor roommates cum colleagues who excavate bones from old graves for a living. Unwilling to return to his poor days, Lim approaches the 'Wordless Script' for winning numbers again. This time, the Book-Spirit of the "Wordless Script" forewarns Lim that he will have to pay a heavy price, should he wants big winnings. Blinded by greed, Lim agrees to the terms and strikes a deal with the Book-Spirit. As Lim's life gets better and lavish, he also becomes increasingly dependent on the Book-Spirit, seeking its advice in everything. Soon, the Book-Spirit reveals the price which Lim has to pay for all his riches... and Lim will have to pay with his life! It is only with Lim's death, that he can be the next Book-Spirit, thus liberating the current Book-Spirit. Little does Lim expects: the richer he gets, the closer he is to his death. At the same time, the greedy gambler in Nam is playing with fire... To satisfy his gambling addiction, he resorted to stealing the accompanying valuables in the coffin during one of the excavations, despite strong objections from Hui. Following Nam's theft, strange things happened. A vengeful spirit haunts Nam and Hui repeatedly, causing them much distress... The trio of Lim, Nam and Hui can actually lead a decent and peaceful life, but made decisions at various stages of their lives to pursue riches and luxuries without knowing the heavy price they had to pay. Is there really no way for the trio to redeem themselves from this mess? Or is their death the ultimate solution?

I guess the summary pretty explain the whole movie LOL..Overall, the story is so-so, could be better with more suspense or comedy. In other word, i am indirectly saying the comedy and horror element is not enough. It is forgettable and not so inspiring.

Though the message was originally trying to tell everyone "If you greedy, you will have bad consequences" but in my own point of view, the movie is more likely like "If you get rich because of some unknown spirit or ghost help, you will get bad consequences" LOL..Well, at least this is why the movie called Greedy Ghost. It is because ghost helped you get rich in exchange your own life LOL

The very much plothole I notice was why Lim dowanna drive his cars after he purchased it? He still seem walking on the street together with his friends and girl friend. Production cant afford to rent the car for shooting?

Overall, the movie was so-so. Thus, it is safe to watch by everyone LOL..there is after credit scene, so just stay back to watch...which i dun think it is important anyway :P