Saturday, June 30, 2012

I deserve to win the Timberland from Samantha Kong!

Well, I think is time for me to get new clothes and accessories. I have been wearing the same thing for past few years, without getting a new one. Yes, I am the type hardly spend any money on clothes. However, my beloved sis, Samantha Kong is giving away Timberlake voucher! OMG!! Me want!! You can check her awesome blog at here too k ;P

So, what's make me deserve to win this? Well here are the reason...

Ok sadly, I always being naked in my blog. Look at my blog header, it is exposed to everyone..I need a clothes to cover myself T__T

Not to mention, I am The Amazing Angry Birdman (refer to this post)! I need some perfect clothes and accessories to disguise myself and into the society. I felt my current identity is too easy to be recognize or expose.

Of course, with all the stylo Timberland product, I can easily upgrade myself in term of fashion. I can look very stylish and in the same time, I can become Angry Birdman as well when i don't need to disguise.

So, do you think I deserve the voucher so that i can has new clothes from Timberland please?? If this happen, it gonna be the first time i have Timberland product in my life :3

For more info, check out Timberland Facebook Page ;)


Kian Fai Koh said...

lol later win something like undies then I laugh :P

good luck!

Ken Wooi said...

Timberland, expensive weh! :D

Natasha Ting said...

I like Timberland shoes, always looking for new designs for my boyfriend. :D


Jackie Loi said...

@kianfai voucher la no undie no worry :P

@kenwooi ya lorrrrrr

@natasha aww too bad i am not into shoe ;/ prefer jacket n jeans