Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nikon D3200 ISO test and 1080p HD video

I went to play Nikon D3200 on Nikon center last week and get my very first hands on. Nikon D3200 is replacement of Nikon D3100 and it get a very heavy steroid on it because from 14mp it pump up to 24mp. Well, naturally i suspected it has same sensor with Sony Nex-7 since both are 24mp. Did a quick test on ISO performance from 200-12800. Don't ask me where is 100 ISO..i don't know where it went -___-

ISO 200ISO 400ISO 800ISO 1600
ISO 3200ISO 6400PISO 12800

Just click the thumbnail to get full size. Anyway sorry for the ISO 200 it is blur due to slow shutter speed. Not to mention the lens mount on the D3200 that day are a bad, very bad Nikon 18-105mm lens that has issue on back focusing. Oh btw, I resize the image as much as 50% because 24MP (6016 X 4000) is way too much killing off my image uploaded.

And here the video of Nikon D3200. Just did a quick and random AF speed while testing internal mic. Ignore the random conversation between me and my gf :P

Overall, i feel Nikon D3200 is really good entry lvl DSLR. The ISO is usable until 6400, well thats my preference. Maybe I will grab it as my 2nd video cam since it is good deal. What do you think? Share your opinion with me :)