Friday, July 06, 2012

VISIBER - Mantra Recitation for Animal Liberation

Updated : I have included video on that day ;) It is at the bottom of the post

I never though of doing any animal liberation at all in my whole life. Thanks to my company, they are organizing one on this afternoon. By attending the liberation, everyone of course must go through a vegetarian diet for a day. And i make it, awesome for me.

The event was took place in front VISIBER concept shop, The Strand at Kota Damansara. As soon as i arrived, I was instructed to head inside Coronar and listen to what Dato Patrick Tan speaking. If you guys dont know, Dato Patrick is father of V Numbers methodology. Go google about him is you interested.

I am given a book, a praying book or whatever you called - Sucks that I cant read chinese. Thus, I am not joining them during the prayer, just being a supporter at the back. Accroding to Dato Patrick, when you face a problem, stuck in your problem, just go ahead and do a liberation and you're bless with a solution.

Of course, there is a price to pay when doing liberation. Whichever animal you release, you forever can't eat the animal or else, what comes around goes around. Why prayer is needed? It is a kind of blessing to those animal. They might don't understand, but they can feel it through the frequency we sent.

Nevertheless, I failed to take part the prayer but I guess I do experiences something new for the first time. If you wish to know more about VISIBER, feel free to check out their website and also LIKE their Facebook Page ;)