Wednesday, August 01, 2012 Malware in Facebook

Good morning! It is 1st of August in year 2012. Which mean another 5 months to go till end of year 2012. Time moving too fast till you realize. Anyway, early in the morning when I log into Facebook using my Google Chrome this is what happen to me.

Oh yes, in my Facebook, doing promotion..It appeared on whichever pics I click and view. 1st thing pop up in my mind was "Is Facebook allowed to do so or our Government wasting money again promoting such rubbish?". Very quickly I asked all my colleague and all of them said they don't have such thing happen. More pictures.

And I am doing inception LOL..dieee

So in the end I killed Google Chrome. Then revive it back and ta daaa! My Facebook back to normal..

What a random event to start my August.

p/s My question until now is..out of so many website, why?? Why? Why LOLL