Friday, August 24, 2012

Katy Perry : Part of Me 3D Premier Screening

Courtesy to Churpchurp, I get to watch Katy Perry : Part of Me in 3D!

A documentary that chronicles Katy Perry's life on and off-stage.

As the summary said, it is a documentary film about Katy Perry before and after she famous. I am not a huge fans of Katy Perry but I do enjoy knowing someone past, not in documentary form. Would prefer this movie was actually film in a movie manner rather than documentary..Not to mention it is not full concert movie like what I expecting.

Other than that, I think this movie actually targeting Katy Perry fans. The documentary talk about how hard her life trying to be successful singer, how her marriage get ruined and yet she manage go through it. I do admire her guts on going through all this shit, thumb up to her :)

Catch this in cinema if you're huge fans of her..or any potential fans to be LOL btw no need go 3D, nothing pop out LOL