Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ParaNorman 3D Premier Screening

Courtesy to Nuffnang, I get to watch ParaNorman before it release in cinema.

The film is about Norman, a 13-year-old boy who is the only person in a small town that has the abilities to prevent an attack from zombies.

Honestly, I feel all the funny part and the story as well was actually shown in the trailer. Thus, I expecting least on the movie but yet, I am actually anticipating it since it was a Stop Motion film! I bet kids nowdays don't even know what is Stop Motion anymore. It is nice to see Laika Studio trying to go back traditional way rather than going mainstream.

Eventhough it is Stop Motion style, don't get fool by it! It is really very smooth. Too smooth to believe it was actually a stop motion. Thus I have no complain on the animation. Character was well designed and interesting too.

The only disappointment I had was, WHY ONLY 7 ZOMBIE! and since the Zombie are cursed, they actually don't harm human..oh well, unexpected. Plus, Norman has ability to see ghost but he afraid of Zombie. In addition, it only shown he can see and talk with ghost at the beginning of the show. Towards the end, where are all the ghost? Why they not helping Norman?

Other than that, I actually has no complain on the story. It is nice, well done. I love the witch electricity effect. It was awesome! I wonder it is done by CG or really doll, need ask uncle Google later.

Nevertheless, bring your kid to watch this movie. I am sure they will enjoy it ;) Of course, you could easily enjoy too with the cute character and the traditional movie style. Feel so nostalgic lol oh btw, 3D? no thanks. Not so eye-popping

Meanwhile, here a video for you