Friday, August 03, 2012

Samsung Smart Camera WB150F Review

1. This is a user experience based review.
2. I don't use much technical language. I am using as much layman term as possible I can.
3. All images were shot in JPEG.
4. General camera settings - P Mode with ISO Auto or sometime ISO adjust manually. I never bother to use the flash because it is horrible.
5. No post-processing applied to the images. All images are straight out of camera, with resizing only.

Courtesy to Nuffnang and Samsung Malaysia, I get to spend time for 2 weeks together with Samsung Smart Camera, WB150F. So why it is Smart Camera? Lets check it out!

I guess I have cover pretty much about the camera overall in the video. Here are the recap of the specification if you couldn't catch up the video (Unless you don't mind repeat the video and listen to my crappy review :P) :

  • 1/2.3" CCD Sensor
  • 14.2 Mega pixels
  • Schneider-KREUZNACH 18x Zoom Lens, 24 - 432mm with f3.2-5.8
  • 3.0" TFT LCD
  • Recording 720p HD (30fps, 15fps)
  • Price RM799

On the first glance of the camera, it is just a ordinary camera. But, this camera is smarter than other consumer cameras. How? Well I have to admit the spec is nothing to shout out but the features are the main selling point. WiFi features, Smart Filter and Magic Mode all are packed into this tiny little camera where you don't get this on entry level compact camera.

Not to mention this camera actually have M A S P mode that allowed you to fully control the setting in your camera. Unfortunately during my during using this camera, I was all the way at P mode with ISO auto. I am just too lazy to adjust the setting since it wasn't reli button friendly and that's actually the purpose of using Point and Shoot camera,just for you to point and shoot, not busy adjusting the setting.

As usual, if you know the way I always started my review on camera jpeg image quality, here something for you to see! The ISO performance in this camera at 24mm f3.2. Click the image for bigger size.


And here the comparison ISO at telephoto, 432mm f5.8. Click the image for bigger size.


For those who still wondering how wide and how far this camera can zoom. Here a image for you to compare with.

* 24mm *
* 432mm *

Most of the time I used camera to capture human, food and minor landscape. How does this camera perform and it is cater my need? Let's check it out.

Human Photography

Food Photography

Landscape/Architecture Photography

Macro & Other Photography

Smart Filter & Magic Mode

Overall, this camera is perform very well no matter what subject I am taking, in day light of course. The color and sharpness is perfect. However the camera started to disappointed me in lowlight. The image are tend to be dull in color, soft and detail-less when use high ISO. Of course, what could I expect from a small sensor and slow lens? As I mention before, the spec of this camera is nothing to shout.

I love the WiFi features built in the camera however it work very slow. It takes some times to open the application and each time I need to connect to my facebook, I have to connect to the WiFi as well as keying the password. It is pain in ass keying password using button. It would be perfect if it is fully touch screen. However I love it has features to bulk upload photos to Facebook.

In this era, I believe smart phone are more effective to act as the medium for social sharing. Just a little snap on phone it can be uploaded to various social network site using WiFi or 3G connectivity. So my question is, it is really a need for a Smart Camera with Smart Phone being so powerful? You judge yourself.

Overall, I cant ask for more nor expect much from RM799 compact camera. I am just happy to see it perform well and decent image during daylight and macro mode as well. For low light, I still prefer going high end camera with bigger sensor size. Shall you buy this compact or spend it on other model? It is totally up to you. For me, I don't think I will be using the WiFi features at all unless in future, it can insert SIM card for 3G connectivity. Who know? :P


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