Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1300th post SPECIAL EDITION : Basketball

Oh hey look! It is my 1300th post in this blog. As usual, I plan to have a comic strip for every 100 post in my blog. So here we go for this post, basketball. Well, i am sure u know what is basketball. A ball with a basket, oh yea genius!

Went to play basketball with the gang last week at night. It has been 10 years since i hold and play the i mean. Feel myself totally a noob when in court. Forgot all the rules and shooting ability. Not to mention, lack of stamina and..height.

I guess only he understand my feeling...

Overall, it wass a fun game. I wish i could have such work out weekly. This fat body seriously need exercise!

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Natasha Ting said...

hey - just commenting to tell you that i love your blog's concept. the comics are good. keep it up! :)

Fer Haru said...

LOL. *pat pat*

Eric Lee Huangshi said...

EXACTLY! The tall ass must be Zhao and the fat ass must be Ken. NO MISTAKES ON THAT!!! we should have a rule to ban ppl above 175 to go under basket

j_fish said...

Play with girls saja la. Sure win. =D But honestly, you both cannot be in the same team. =X

Jackie Loi said...

@Natasha Thanks :D This gonna keep me motivated!

@ah fuu LOL *self pat pat*

@Eric rofl I not gonna say who is who XD haha..banned ppl above 175 under basket mean only left us under there T3T

@sherlynn piff dowan la later u all said i bully T.T