Thursday, October 04, 2012

#1 Vlog - My Birthday 2012

So, I am officially older by a year. Yeap it was my birthday yesterday. I been went out for whole day last night from working to event from event to some surprise stuff.

Thanks to deary who plan all this to surprise me. I knew something will happen but I just never though this happen. What is it? Why not check out my Vlog?

I have decided to did my very first vlog after last night experiences. Honestly you guys rocks! Appreciated everything and everyone. This is really the best birthday memories I ever had.

Not to mention again thanks to my deary who made all this to happen. I knew it has been difficult for her unable to celebrate my birthday with me for the past 4 years due to our long distance relationship.

* Picture credit to Anna *

Thanks everyone! I love you all :)


Cindy said...

Happy belated bday to u n me.. Its alway great when our deary arrange something for our big day right?

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Call u uncle only already very bei min lor... Didn't mention I call u fossil pun XD

Lim Eunice said...

<3 Hahaha.. meaningful one!!! ;D you're the best, bro!!! It shows that how 'favorable' you are to all of your friends!!! Awww.. so touching la your video...Sorry la, not there to give u present, but hope that I can put everything into words as your bday pressie...

'A hug is the best gift, as one size fits it all', *birthday hugs*!!

May your following days be as merry as you were on your 24th Birthday!!!! ^^ we love u ! XOXO

MichLeong said...

Happy Birthday again! Sounds like a great surprise party yesterday :D

Jackie Loi said...

@Cindy thanks :) For me as long as she is with me is good enough

@Ah ping u antique dun talk so much :P

@eunice lol thanks :) Good enough for me

@Michelle thanks ;)