Monday, October 08, 2012

Club Asahi @ Butter Factory

On a very random night, I was invited to Butter Factory to clubbing with every Asahi fans! Not to mention the dj feat Shinichi Osawa. I don't clubbing for everyone information but that night was officially blast. My feet pain like shit hahaha...oh also this post gonna be tribute my short hair for d first time after so many years..oh well ;/

I have not much to say about this party. Just one word, AWESOME! Plus with friends around who most of them are party animal, it makes my experience much favourable. The event is so pack with people dancing around and dj rocking in the house that night! Shinichi Osawa is awesome as well of course.

Picture with friends is always what we all did ;)

* with Ernest *
* Finally a picture with Rachel, teehee *
* The sayang Sophia *
* Marilyn and Ernest *
* with Sher Lynn, ignore the two felor on d left *
* Met Queennie on the first time in real life like finally! *
* With Wilee who always so happening and everywhere *
* Daphne and Benjamin that also damn happening *
* Solo with Daphne *

More picture in my facebook page :)

Overall, it was awesome night but only one complain.. Butter Factory is so small that can't even produce large quantity of butters..oh wait dafuq am I talking

Ayam sad too since so many people said I look better in short hair... T.T