Friday, October 05, 2012

Imbi Palace Group Rebranding Dinner @ Grand Palace Pavilion KL

I am invited to Grand Palace at Pavilion KL for Imbi Palace Group Rebranding back to 2 weeks ago.

The reason they rebranding it because they closed down the outlet at Jalan Imbi to make way for the development projects in the city. Jalan Imbi there was their first outlet, and since they are leaving, they decided to change the company name to the Imbi Palace Group.

According to, Mr. Lum (Chairman ) mentioned that the Imbi Palace Restaurant history and heritage will continue to live on in the company name. With the new name, a new logo now represents the restaurants. As with the previous logo, the corporate colour is Gold. Gold represents the gold standards adhere to in the food, in terms of taste and quality and service excellence. The Chinese calligraphy stroke in the new logo stands for culture, tradition and art.

On the night itself, all of us get to enjoy the food arranged by by Chef Jason Tong, Group Executive Chef. He has over 20 years experience in Cantonese Cuisine with a reputable hotel in Hong Kong.

* Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Top Shell & Fish Maw (RM28) *

Our first dish of the night is a Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Top Shell & Fish Maw. This starter is a very healthy and nutritious soup. It helps improve skin complexion, nourishes our Yin, and cleanses also kidney. Honestly speaking, I love it so much ;)

Coming up next dish is Crispy Golden Peking Duck - popular dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the imperial era.

* Crispy Golden Peking Duck (RM70) *
* Duck Skin on momo *
* Yeeing totally enjoy it *

It has a very awesome thin crispy golden skin with just the right amount of meat. We get to enjoy the dish by took the skin and meat, add some scallion and their own specially prepared hoisin sauce and wrap it in the home-made thin pancakes called Momo. By doing so, the juices from the meat will trickle between your finger tip when you bite it. Absolutely one of my favourite dish of the night. Unfortunately the skin not as crispy as I expected.

* Pan Fried Stuffed Scallops (RM14) *

Pan Fried Stuffed Scallops are stuffed with fresh prawns to create two distinct flavors and aromas. The finest scallops was chose from the icy cold waters of Canada. This is combined with Banana Prawns from the Gulf of Carpenteria. The size is small but tasty enough to satisfy me.

8 Treasures Truffles Chicken is prepared by stuffing 8 different types of mushrooms that has been infused with truffle sauce. The entire chicken is hung up to roast to bring out the rich flavor of the chicken meat while maintaining a crispy skin on the outside.

* 8 Treasures Truffles Chicken (RM80) *

Due to the “hanging”, the neck of the chicken is longer than usual, and that is how the name, Kookoo chicken comes about. The mushroom is very satisfying and same goes to the crispy skin which much crispier than the Peking Duck.

* BBQ Broiled Spanish Pork Ribs (RM158) *

BBQ Broiled Spanish Pork Ribs definitely my favourite dish of the night. Hey look is PORK ok! The ribs are from the Spanish Iberian pig, which is known for its nutty flavour, and its delicate melt-in-your-mouth marbling. The Iberian pig’s diet of acorns gives it a uniquely tender, rich and rosy meat.

It is very salty that some people might don't like it nor take it. For my personal taste, it just nice and awesome.

* South African Dried Abalone (RM88 per piece - Promo price) *

South African Dried Abalone looks like a golden ingot that signifies wealth and prosperity. Harvested from the unpolluted seas off the coast of Hermanus, the quality of the abalone is assured because we follow international Food Safety methodology, that is, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), in its preparation process. Notice the texture of the abalone is sticky, rich and chewy.

* LanZhou Knife Shaved Ramen (RM10) *

LanZhou Knife Shaved Ramen is a delicacy from Lan Zhou, GanSu, China and is a heritage food enjoyed for generations. The Ramen is shaved off a ball of dough and as such none are identical. Today’s Ramen will be served in a pickled vegetable soup. Too bad, not my favourite vegetable.

* Braised Noodle with Duck Meat (RM18) *

Braised Noodle with Duck Meat is just simple yet delicious noodle I ever had. The remaining meat from the Peking duck earlier was stir fried and presented in this dish.

* Snow Skin Mooncake (RM15.80) *

Snow Skin Mooncake was served later on. Is mooncake time!! What I love is the skin wasn't too sticky, so I will not worry it will stuck in my throat.

* Coconut Pudding (RM8) *

Coconut Pudding is so cold that as in you're eating Ice shave.

Overall it was a very awesome night and sinful dinner since I actually enjoyed eating traditional chinese food. Not to mention it strengthen the bond with friends who sit on the same table.

Imbi Palace Group currently has 4 outlet :

  1. Mutiara Palace Restaurant, Mutiara Damansara
  2. The Klang Palace Restaurant, Centro Mall, Klang
  3. Grand Palace @ Pavilion
  4. The Jaya Palace Restaurant, Menara LYL

New outlet to open next month:
Palace @ Setia City in Shah Alam with banquet facilities of over 250 tables.