Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Japanese Casual Restaurant Watami Malaysia @ Pavilion KL

Last week I supposed to have food review together with Betina. However for some reason the food review was cancelled for forever. Thus, we decided to have some luxury dinner to cheers up ourself (or maybe to cheers up myself only LOL). So here we are, Watami Malaysia at Pavilion KL.

If you're curious about this shop, both of us did a review for them. You can view it here. Both of my visit was in One Utama and this is my first time having Watami at Pavillion. Will the food quality and taste difference? Let's check it out.

* Ishiyaki Beef Pepper Rice RM19.90 *

I ordered Ishiyaki Beef Pepper Rice. Yea, I am having the same food as i had when i first time dine-in in Watami. I still love this rice very much. The perfect aroma between rice, beef and black pepper is totally perfect and on sync. Not to mention you get to control the cook of beef via the hot pot.

* Watami Shoyu Ramen RM22.90 *

Deary got herself a Watami Shoyu Ramen. According to her, nth special on this. A little disappointment appeared in my heart. I am not a big fans of ramen but I do hope Watami could do much more than this on their ramen.

* Wafu Pizza RM19.90 *

Finally, Wafu Pizza that both of us craving so much. Although this time the pizza wasn't crispy (it is nearly soft I would say), but the taste and aroma still same when both of us having first time during the food review. Seriously, this is still 1 of the best pizza I ever had in my life. Totally recommended. Of course it would be nicer if it was crispy.

Total cost RM73.35 including green tea drink for 2. Hey! It is much worth than dining on overated Ipoh Chicken Rice shop that I had last week. Not to mention finally my debit card manage to made it debut by paying the bill, hahahaha!