Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Know about Kamen Rider Clevis Lesson #1 : Who is Kamen Rider Clevis

For everyone who visited my blog for sometime, I wonder did any one of you actually read my once in a blue moon comic strip or notice my header picture. If you did, have you ever asked "Who the hell is the white color ultraman??"

Hence, I am here just to share with you guys. The "white color Ultraman" is not Ultraman. He is known as Kamen Rider/Masked Rider. Yes I am a huge fans of Kamen Rider. Don't tell me it is a kid show! Spiderman, Ironman, Superman, Batman and etc all are kid shown aren't they?

Being a designer and animator, I am a creative person. Oh wait, not that creative, just half bucket. Nevertheless, I love to create and draw character. Thus, Kamen Rider Clevis is fictional character from me. His design is simple and plain and more towards to Showa type rider. Close to Ichigo and Nigo type (the eye, the glove and boot).

Why name his as Clevis that sound like cleavage? Well no special reason. It just sound nice. Like a Levis without the C LOL. More fact on KR Clevis, he is white because I created him as angel base rider. The yellow eye is not Ultraman eye! He has antenna like Showa Rider.

Finally, I am using Clevis to portray myself in this blog. So whenever comic you see him, that's story about me.

Thanks for those who support and encourage me to draw more..I will whenever I got free time and motivation wtf. Hope beer and liquor dun kill me all d way until end of the year.

Au revoir.


Merryn said...

I was reading this post and then LIBRESE ad came out at the end of the post! Muahahahahhaha... so farnee weh! So THAT's the real Kamen Rider Clevis :P

Jackie Loi said...

@Maerryn yes lo damn full of education right XP