Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giveaway : Heineken Thirst 2012

I don't always do giveaway in my blog. But when I do, it is something really big! Courtesy to Heineken, I am here now to present, A Journey Called Jloi will giveaway passes to Heineken Thirst 2012 to my readers!! Yes is you, you, you and you whoever currently reading this!

Before I give away the passes, check out the pre-event post here.

To recap, here are the detail of the event!

Date - Saturday 8 December 2012
Time - 5.00pm onwards
Venue - Sepang International Circuit (SIC)
Web - www.facebook.com/Heineken & www.heineken.com/my
Note - Heineken Thirst is open to 18 years & above only

Towering above the futuristic design universe of Heineken Thirst will be one of the most iconic international pieces of public and festival art of recent years. Already a favourite at festivals across the United States, the 50 foot high Wish makes its Asia debut at Heineken Thirst. Designed by San Francisco public art conceptualists Robert James, Wish consists of ‘three contemporary dandelions that are losing their seeds in the wind’.

Clad in aluminium leaves and mirrored glass and edged with pulsating LEDs that react to the tempo of the music far below, Wish is far more than festival eye candy. It’s a visual centrepiece that symbolises and reflects the progressive values of Heineken’s consumers, representing the seeds of music and creativity that are spread across the world and into our lives.

Amongst that roster of local talent bringing Heineken Thirst bursting to life are some of Malaysia’s most talented visual artists and graphic designers. Visual artist Callen Tham – aka themancalleduncle – is creating a unique live cinema installation for the festival called Wall of Sound. On a backdrop consisting of a number of textured and layered steel sculptures, themancalleduncle will be mapping an ever evolving palette of moving images onto the sculptures to create a large scale interactive cinematic performance that he can shift according to the mood and tempo of the crowd surrounding it.

Enhancing that landscape is another long-time Heineken art collaborator, designer Andrew Lee. A former Heineken presents JUICE DJ Quest finalist, Andrew Lee has specialised in event design and festival landscaping for more than a decade working on many of Malaysia’s landmark festivals and events including the previous Heineken Thirst and Green Room events. This year he will be developing the look and feel of the site in collaboration with Callen Tham and is responsible for the unique identity of Heineken’s acclaimed Infinity Bar and Heinekabanas.

In another first, this year Heineken Thirst will feature the innovative bamboo sculpture work of leading Indonesian artist Andi Ramdani, who will offer an organic counterpoint to the illuminated high technology of the Wish installation. The project is a collaboration between Ramdani and Bamboo Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a local company promoting bamboo as a sustainable resource in various innovative products.

And as another exclusive, we will be documenting your journey through Heineken Thirst as filtered through the lens of the world’s leading DJ celebrity snapper Rukes. This self-taught LA based photographer tours the electronic music festivals of the world, working with most of the world’s leading DJs and producers to capture to the essence of the action and spirit that these events create.

Add it up and it’s a recipe for a night of supercharged thrill-seeking and discovery on December 8 at Heineken Thirst, Malaysia’s premier electronic music festival.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned at their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Heineken) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/Heineken_MY).

So, where is your passes? Here you go!!

I will be giving away 2 pairs of passes total worth RM632 to you!! Of course each winner per pair which makes only 2 winner from my readers! What you need to do is just like my facebook page at here and tell me "How you gonna party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012" in creative way by commenting on this post. Remember creative! Don't answer me "I will party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 by doing Gangnam style" Boo I just hate that style :P

Remember to leave you name, your email and your Facebook name as well in the comment so that I can contact you.

For Eg -

Name : Jackie Loi Hand Some
Email : Jackie_handsome@gmail.com
Facebook Name : Jackie Handsome
Answer : I will party rocking at Heineken Thirst by strip off my shirt and pant and start doing duck face like a boss.

Remember the format peep! Contest end on 23rd Nov 2012 (Friday) on 12pm. Late entry will not be entertain and I will notify the winner by 24th via email and require you to reply me back to make arrangement when and how to collect your tickey from me :)

Alright keep your creativity juice moving now! Good luck and see you guys there :D


JonYKT said...

Name : Jonathan Yip
Email : jonykt@hotmail.my
Facebook Name : Jonathan Yip
Answer : I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 together with legends JUSTICE, the new sensation Avicii & the people on the top of my list - Above & Beyond! Getting to rave to them live will be a dream come true thanks to Jloi! ;)

Nicholas Chia said...

Name : Nicholas Chia
Email : nickyczy@gmail.com
Facebook Name : Nicholas Chia
Answer: I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 by getting high at the carpark with loads of booze and then entering the party all tipsy and shit. then be PARTYing with chicks till i go all sober and after that going for a second round of drinking. There be no stopping when it comes to PARTYing

Pennie YenSun said...

Name : Pennie Chin Yen Sun
Email : pennie_yensun@hotmail.com
Facebook Name : Pennie YenSun
Answer : I will party rocking at Heineken Thirst by wearing bikini my pretty girls. Enjoy the awesome music play by avicii and dance like there's no tomorrow! Get lots of Heineken to drink and beer bath with my sexy babes. Party hard!!

Jack Tan said...

Name : Jack Tan
Email : jack.thw7@yahoo.com
Facebook Name : Jack Tan
Answer : I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 alongside with big names like Avicii and Brodinski.. JUSTICE'S DEBUT OMfG! Is a party where friends will gather around and have fun.. live life to the fullest and party like a ROCKSTAR!

Jennifer FurFer said...

Name : Jennifer Hew
Email : jennifer.hew06@gmail.com
Facebook Name : Jennifer FurFer
Answer : I will part rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 with my fellow bloggers and have Egypt dance when Above and Beyond spin the deck! Not to forget have to drink Heineken beers and make le friends get drunk TEEHEE

Simplyjackass said...

Name : Jack

Email : simplyjackass@gmail.com

Facebook Name : Jack D'one

Answer : I will party hard at Heineken Thirst 2012 by dancing nasty to the music like there's no tomorrow. Besides that I will be socializing so that get to know more party rockers and drinking with them! After all, my blog named Live Our Lives!

Low Yik Ming said...

Name : Shawn Low Yik Ming
Email : shawn_vvip@yahoo.com
Facebook Name : Shawn Low Yik Ming
i will be partying at HeinekenThirst 2012 with

(T)he world's most international premium beer:
(I)s to be enjoyed
(R)esponsibly at
(S)epang International Circuit,
(T )hirst 2012

-@dr!an- said...

Name : Adrian Ng

Email : adrian.ng.lil@gmail.com

Facebook Name : Adrian Ng

Answer : I will partying rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 with a bunch of blogger and photographer..Enjoy the night away listen to coolest dj spinning the deck !! Enjoy Heineken beers and party rocking with raver

CWKen said...

Name: CWKen
Email: cwken2000@hotmail.com
Facebookn name: Gary Wai Ken Chooi
Answer: I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 with all my fellow Avicii fans and trance music lovers while continuously downing smooth and delicious icy cold Heineken through our throats. We will be dancing and grooving to the spins by all DJs till we get hot and dehydrated, we then quench our THIRST with even more Heineken. ;)

Tang Wyman said...

Name: Wyman Tang
Email: wyman_1991@hotmail.com
FB Name: Wyman Tang

Answer: I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 firstly by doing what all true Malaysians does, opening my car boot at the car park playing sasau music and drinking with all my friends! And while walking to the stage I will be singing Avicii's tunes all the way to the stage. Next I will push my way allll the way to the front of the stage and try to get on the stage and wait for security to bounce me out! NOW THAT'S A PARTY ROCKER!!

Iid said...

Email : abcdefghiidreen@yahoo.com

Answer : I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 with Heineken my all time party partner! I am thirsty for Heineken, I am thirsty for pure eargasms of dope music and I am thirsty to dance all out with all the ravers out there.

Jiayeen said...

Name: Jiayeen Tan
Email: jiayeen@hotmail.com
FB Name: Jiayeen Tan

Answer: I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 with the oh-so-Jiayeen style but not oppa gangnam style(Don't worry!)! Thirst twist thirst twist! I will be doing the sexy Jiayeen style for the whole night while the awesome rave music is playing at the event! Avicii is the bomb! Baby!

Florence Song said...

Name: Florence Song
Email: florence.song90@gmail.com
Facebook Name: Florence Song
Answer: I will be party rocking at Heineken Thirst 2012 with my shirt up, head down, and hands all up in the air AWYEA.

Jackie Loi said...

Thanks for everyone participation :) I will announce the winner by tmrw ASAP in my Facebook Page!