Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kamen Rider Skull MG Figure

It has been almost a year since I purchase Kamen Rider MG Figure. Click here and here to check out my Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker and Kamen Rider Accel MG Figure. Been wanted to get Kamen Rider Skull for very long to complete all rider in W series (well not exactly, they dun have Eternal).

So here I am! Got myself Kamen Rider Skull and also Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba MG Figure as my birthday present! Yea I got it myself, no one give it to me! Piff..Havent complete fix OOO's yet and my hand itchy for figure shooting. Thus I go ahead with Skull first.

Not really difficult to fix Skull in the first place since the part is very similar to W. However it still took me sometime to fix it X) Hey who said I cant take my sweet time to do it? The most important is I enjoy the process.

BTW Hand itchy to shoot because I just purchase new flash, Yong Nuo YN 560 II. I have 3 units with me at the moment that's why tempted to do it with 3 point flash. The previous shot I did for W and Accel both using 1 flash and myc amera flash as commander only.

Alright I gonna continue taking my sweet time fixing OOO's. Shall post my next figure shooting once I am done ;)