Monday, November 12, 2012

McDonald’s Breakfast Day : Great Mornings Start with a Great Breakfast

Breakfast! If you guys check out my Instagram, I bet all of you know I always have heavy breakfast on every morning. It is one of the meal that I couldn't afford to miss it. As people always said, "Great Mornings Start with a Great Breakfast".

Of course, one of my favourite place to had breakfast is none other than Mc Donald's with their awesome coffee and hash brown as well. The Egg McMuffins definitely my favourite!

The McDonald’s Egg McMuffin is made with farm fresh egg and high quality golden cheese with a slice of chicken roll in a freshly toasted English muffin.

Here are some few important thing you should know about breakfast.

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The Benefits of Breakfast

• Breakfast provides energy to kick-start the body, helping you to begin the day well and setting the tone for a day full of vitality.
• People who skip breakfast have considerably less energy and lower concentration, and starting the day without proper food for fuel can also lead to mood swings and irritability.
• Breakfast kick-starts the chemical processes which put you in a better mood, with the side effects of better memory and a somewhat calmer countenance.
• Adults who regularly eat a good breakfast also tend to consume fewer calories during the day – a significant component for weight loss – while also maintaining better overall health, improving mood, concentration and alertness.

What Should A Proper Breakfast Consist Of?

• A complete breakfast is a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and vitamins, and of course fluids as well to kick start your metabolism for the day and get your mind and body going.
• While carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, protein increases satiety and reduces mid-morning hunger.
• Fruits and vegetables provide the body with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Reasons People Skip Breakfast

• Not enough time in the morning
Suggestion: Eat on the go. Stock up on “portable” food such as granola bars or pick something up on the way to work.

• Constantly late for work
Suggestion: Go to bed half an hour earlier and wake up half an hour earlier to ensure you have enough time in the morning to eat breakfast

• On a diet
Suggestion: Eat a wholesome, freshly prepared breakfast to fill you up until lunch time to help avoid snacking on unhealthy food later on.

• Stomach can’t handle food early in the morning
Suggestion: Understand the importance of breaking the fast with breakfast and the need that your body needs to refuel in the morning to give it the energy it needs for the day. Even something as simple as drinking a smoothie will help do the trick.

• Too lazy to cook anything
Suggestion: Leave the kitchen in its pristine condition and head on down to the shops to buy breakfast.

Of course, Mc Donald do understand the importance of breakfast. Thus, on 19 November 2012 is designated as McDonald’s Breakfast Day!

What is it all about? McDonald’s will be serving free Egg McMuffins to the first 1000 customers at all McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurants, including Genting & airport stores from 7 am until 10 am on 10 November 2012 only.

* Emcee of the day at media launch *

To get yourself the free Egg McMuffins, just be the first 1000 customer and no purchases or coupons are necessary to redeem your free Egg McMuffin. Of course, this offer is limited to one (1) Egg McMuffin per customer per visit. Good news is, this also valid for take-away and drive-thru purchases. McDelivery service is not included.

* Sarah Casanova, Managing Director of Mc Donald's Malaysia and Regional Manager of Mc Donald's Malaysia & Singapore during the Q&A session *
* The countdown timer for McDonald's Breakfast Day *

Come show your support for the McDonald’s Breakfast movement and have a great start to a great morning! For more info, visit for a comprehensive list of McDonald’s Breakfast Restaurants.