Tuesday, November 06, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》 Special Screening

Courtesy to MM2 I am invited to this special screening of My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》. As a pet lover and also dog lover, this is a movie that I couldn't afford to miss it. Yea I knew I gonna cried out the cinema lol

My Dog Dou Dou is a warm, feel-good fantasy-action drama about a gambler father and his estranged son, and how a dog with predictive powers brings them closer together. Through their ups and downs, the father, Meng, discovers the meaning of altruistic love and loyalty, and the son, Xing, finally finds the father he has always been looking for.

Like the summary said it out all the movie plot. It is a very nice heart warming story that show alot fatherly love towards the son eventhough he dunno a damn thing about him and also sympathy towards animal AKA Dou Dou in this movie. Storyline direct and predictable but still enjoyable.

Flapper as Dou Dou really done a great job in acting..or maybe I should said in listening to instruction? However I really can't stop praising it. The emotion of Dou Dou is very well portray as in it really can communicate with us.

Jason Wang and Ivan Lo did a great job too as father and son. The love that the father project towards the son is really well done and it do touched my heart alot. The only WTF thing I would complain is Xing (Ivan Lo) seem like don't need go to school. It only shown he was in school at the beginning of the show and get bullied. Oh another one is the Ah Long who seem damn poor and desperate for 4D number.

Overall, very nice, heartwarming and touched movie. I do cried few times on the scene especially the last part when... Ok no spoiler :P Catch yourself in cinema this movie coming this Thursday.


Ras said...

thanks for the review :D

Merryn said...

i rarely go cinema watch chinese/malay/tamil movie.. i usually wait for them to show on tv :D