Sunday, November 25, 2012

Park City Run 2012 : 5 KM Journey

I believe everything has first time. I joined my first marathon (if 5KM is consider as :P) in life! No I never participate in school level merentas desa because I always skip it by doing duty in St John. Thanks to my colleague pressure I joined the Park City Run this morning.

* Somehow it looks like Pork City Run *

You see, most of the sport I play involved hand only - Badminton, Bowling, Ping pong and Chess. I don't like to run in long term with my leg because I know I can't do it. I am born with heavy leg thus running long term easily cause my leg pain. Ok excuses I know. I just hate to run because I am short and fat! wee

* There I know you won't have other chance to see me wear like that *

So, I reach the location kinda early. Woke up on 4am, stone on bed for 30 min, then brush my teeth, bring the shirt and I am good to drive all the way to Kepong. Reach there around 5.40am and I continue stone in car until 6.30am and I walk to the destination.

I actually feel blur when reach there. I did not meet any of my colleague. I become lone ranger. Wonder around the International school looking for the starting point and finally I found it. It was pretty crowded but I manage to squeeze myself into the crowds.

* Warming up *

Sharp 7am the run begin for 5KM category. Here begin my most sweatful journey.

* There the starting point *

1 KM Journey : I run pretty fast on the first KM. I manage to cut many other participants while playing awesome Kamen Rider song from my phone. That's what increase my spirit on continue to run.

2 KM Journey : After the first KM, i started to walk. My leg started giving me problem. Probably I am overweight because I felt that my shoe failed to absorb all the impact. My throat is so dry that time that I though I gonna faint anytime soon. I could only blame myself why I didn't drink any water before came here. Luckily, half way there is a water station. Walk towards it, grab a cup and ta daaa! I am revive! But still continue walking...

3 KM Journey : Saw a cute girl in front me. Feeling motivated and decided to run pass through her. Once I turn around and look back, FML ugly like shit. It just remind me the joke that Ken always did last time.. "Hau pin tai dou hou chi yat due fa, pong pin tai dou mung cha cha, chin pin jao diu niama" - Direct Translate : Looks like flower from the back, look very blur from side and when look in front, look like your mama. ok no offence :) I started demotivated back until I saw a really pretty girl and tail at her back. Motivation alive! However she run away later on but I didn't chase her. I know, I will meet her again later on..which it really happen :P

* Saw awesome sun rise but too bad my sis Nikon S5100 failed to perform *
* Another fail sun rise shot *

4 KM Journey : Hey look! dogs!

5 KM Journey : I am still tailing the pretty girl. Saw the finishing line, feeling happy and feel like run towards in until I realize, FML need to U-Turn to reach the finishing line. But still, I manage to complete the run on time. Hooray 5KM journey ended!!

Damage : Well nothing much except my left leg. I know it is me who usually used more energy on left leg regardless I am walking or running. My breath still stay strong actually. If only my leg doesn't act up, I might really can run towards the whole run.

Got my very first medal from running! Guess what, the only medal I have in life is from Chess competition.

Done the run, hang around, take pictures.

Free drinks around. Milo, 100 plus, mineral water and also corn flakes!

Finally brunch time! Thanks for the free food from sport club. Well not exactly free, we do paid the fees every month anyway..So theoretically is still our money.

* Revive after change my clothes *

* Sinful brunch after the run *

Overall, nice experience. It is pretty fun and I know I AM NOT GONNA JOIN any run again until I have confident. At least, lemme diet and cut down my blardy weight first.


Qi Wen said...

Well done ! Register for the next run, go train for it, you would already cut down the weight before you realize and fit for the run already :)

Andrew said...

Join the next run with me or with us.. I will keep you posted. If you don't start now you will never start at all. Weight is never an issue.. I've seen guys who are far more bigger and it doesn't stop them from running. You just need the right motivation.

Shannon Chow said...

Congratz! Welcome to the marathon club. :D Join me on the next run. Start by completing like 5KM then move up to 7KM and 10KM. :) don't be afraid to run because of your weight, but you should run at least 3KM each week to keep up on stamina and eventually you'll feel comfortable running longer distance.

Jennifer FurFer said...

woohooo. Run Jackie Run! And you look so gay... *eee*