Thursday, November 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: User Experience and Favourite Features

This is second part of the Samsung Galaxy Note II review from me. Click here for Part 1 review will ya?

Strange, the Samsung Galaxy Note II design is similar with Samsung Galaxy S III (just like an oversize device between iPod and iPad) with all the similar curve and back casing. But good thing the HOME button seem much nicer than Galaxy S III. But, where is all the design for human and inspired by nature slogan went to? Only S III design for human and inspired by nature? Note II not?

Well, just what you can see from my Samsung Galaxy S III review previously, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has exactly the same thing. Of course there are slight enhancement due to it running latest Android 4.1, Jelly Bean OS. Other than that, the same touchwiz UI can be seen in Note II.

Anyway I shall talk more about it on my final part of review. My gf manage to used the phone for a week and she would love to share her user experience to you all. She being HTC Android user for few years and this is actually her first time using Samsung Android base device. Let's see what she comment about ;)

Next part of the review, I gonna talk about the camera in Samsung Galaxy Note II. Stay tune to me ;)