Sunday, December 16, 2012

A new way to Be Creative!

Being an artist, an animator, I often find myself sketch or doddling around whenever I am free or idea flowing through my brain. With Samsung Galaxy Note II now, I can easily sketch my drawing digitally. Of course, Samsung also prepared awesome way to share your drawing across the net at web.

Just like the first screen said, it is very simple step. Choose, Complete and Wait. If you're unsure, you can always click on "How To Win" for the instruction.

Well you can choose four artists from there and it is interesting to see their animation whenever you hover over the stylus on them.

Of coz I am choosing Ernest Zacharevic! I am his huge fans for the Penang Mural painting. Wish I could go Penang again and check out the awesome painting. Adam move forward to me the moment I choose him and he leaved after drawing a! Free style drawing in the frame!

Well I was thinking of Jennifer graduation and thus, I drew the graduation hat and scroll. I know my drawing pretty sucks since I am using mouse. Piff wish I had a wacom with me now.

Of course once I am done, I click the submit button and Ernest come and praise. Aww stop you!

You're free to choose to draw another new one or stop by gallery to check others work. Obviously you can share your drawing across the Facebook and Twitter.

Here a cute video of Ernest Z ;P

Be sure to check out the link and you might win some prizes ;)