Monday, December 17, 2012

Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖) Movie

It has been time since Jackie Chan return and act what he used to act in his old film. As a huge fans of Jackie Chan, I simply cant wait to catch this movie, Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖) a.k.a CZ12 movie. Well it is no strange since I watch Jackie Chan movie since I was young. I manage to attend his CZ12 (十二生肖) Malaysia Star Tour at Berjaya Time Square last night before catching up the movie at GSC MAXX.

The film revolves around Asian Hawk in his final mission, in which he must collect the 12 statue heads of the Chinese Zodiac to save the world. One may remember that Chan used the Chinese Zodiac symbols as the basis for the first season of his animated series, JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES, back in 2000.

If you dunno, this is 3rd instalment of Armour of God (龍兄虎弟), a film started at 1986 and follow by another sequel, Armour of God II: Operation Condor in 1991. So it is nice to see Jackie Chan return and complete the trilogy of this series.

I was expecting more on this film but after watching it, it just gimme feeling a very Jackie Chan movie. Yes, it is a movie which reminded me alot his old movies. All the funny joke, comedy type action, grab item hit and run all are expected to seen in this movie. My personal favourite would be the scene he used Tripod mounted with Canon DSLR on it to hit his enemies.

Plot was pretty good at the beginning however towards the end feel pretty rush and leave abit disappointment. Middle of the show (where they at the island) feel very Indiana John where adventures and danger headed to them. Some Mission Impossible feel was in the movie as well.

Though it doesn't exactly leave a very huge WOW on me, I pretty much enjoy this movie. I bet alot Jackie Chan fans will feel this movie bring back their memories of his old movie like I just mention earlier. CZ12 (十二生肖) will be available at cinema this Thursday :)


Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

All I saw is Jackie Chan hahaha! :D

Jackie Loi said...

@ah ping my idol <3