Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Lunch - Six Inch Cafe @ Setapak PV 128

Merry Christmas everyone! Well aren't we glad that the world hasn't end and we are still alive to looking forwards for new year and 2013. Nevertheless, it is Christmas today and being a guy who afraid of jam, I just decided to stay at home and rest my ass. At least, until le Betina came around for lunch together.

Six Inch Cafe just opened in Setapak few days ago. Being curious and new toilet bowl (san si hang), both me and le Betina tried this as our Christmas lunch. Well, I pretty love the open air concept at first but dining inside during lunch time is pure hot and easily sweat since they dun have air cond and only fans.

* Three Layer Milk Tea RM4.70 *

First thing first, the cafe was pretty crowded. No strange since it was lunch time and deep inside my heart I hope it is nice place to eat that's why so many people. However the waiter seem busy walking around and no time to entertained us. We tried to stop 1 of the waiter to enquiries the seat on upstair and they just walk pass by us as if we are invisible. Being abit pissed off, le betina and I decided to get our own seat at downstair and still, no waiter come around to serve us the menu despite they have enough man power. Some are just standing around the counter and act as statue. Finally we got our menu after we asked one of the waiter who happen to pass by our seat with 4 menus on his hand and he was ushering other people to their seat. DAFUQ! WHY YOU NO USHER ME!

* Ambra Juice RM5.90 *

Later both of me and Betina gotta wait more than 30 minute before out food are served. It took around 50 minites for mine and 105 minutes for le Betina. Honestly I don't realize time passed so fast since I am busy playing games on my phone until I recheck my check in time in my four square when my food come. Is it so hard to cook Chicken Maryland and Cheese Baked Spaghetti? There is a point we tried to raise hand for enquiries of our food and those waiters seem ignore us. Betina went to counter there and asked but got ignored.

* Chicken Maryland RM 17.90 *

So I ordered Chicken Maryland. Yea my first time seeing Chicken Maryland being served with hot dog and egg. No doubt the portion is big and justified the price. Not to mention it came with black pepper sauce. No complain on the salad however the fries was pretty hard to chew and not salty. It is so hard that I decided to pour the black pepper sauce on the fries instead and the black pepper sauce is sucks. It is too watery and tasteless. Chicken Maryland itself is alright. Crispy on the skin and the meat still moist enough.

* Cheese Baked Spaghetti with Ham RM 14.90 *

Next le Betina Cheese Baked Spaghetti with Ham. This spaghetti is totally a disappointment because it was tasteless and almost no cheese taste. They spend 105 minute to baked the cheese until tasteless? They had alot ham in the spaghetti but same thing, it was totally tasteless. I am very confident Kim Gary can done much better than this shit.

Overall, just another average cafe. I bet the Six Inch name was came from their signature food, Six Inch hot dog where it doesn't caught our interest because it just look too ordinary and I bet it is same with GSC cinema. Beat me if I am wrong.

I am interested to coming back here for other foods but not until they improved their service. Thanks for ruining my Christmas lunch Six Inch.


bendan said...

lol, lemme me try them first. Ngek ngek ngek...

Totally won't order what you've order here, they don't looks good. =X

Merryn said...

What a name! Macam trying too hard like dat!

小乱 said...

I was there for my xmas lunch also, and it ruined my christmas mood! I tried 7 dishes on the day, all is tasteless. The serivce there is still very bad, I also being ignored many times. I wont pay my 2nd visit there.

Max said...

Same feeling here, It ruin my appetite!

today 29/12, le dad and me went there to take our dinner.

we from setapak area been 20 years, so happy that there is a lot of new shop lots to open! especially attractive sign board!

It's around 7:45 reach there, we make our orders and wait.
Time passed so quickly since i chat with le dad.

tik tok , tik tok.......
1hour passed.

I asked the waiter about what makes our food so slow since we order cheesy chicken chop and 1 6-inch doggy.

And then the waiter give me the response was: we dont have the order list of the table!

OH MY GOD! it just fuck, totally ruin my appetite!

So, we still "bong cheng" this restaurant, what we said was "bagi support la"

we reorder again, wait for another 30min.

tasteless cheesy chicken chop!
i dunno why served with a black pepper sauces.

six-inch bacon doggy, like ramly hot dog only.

somemore the fries same like the author said, just totally sucks.

that what i have for my dinner.
in a fucking insane mood. heng!

setapak boy