Monday, December 10, 2012

Heineken Thirst 2012 @ Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

The best Scenario of that night.

Bouncer approaching Marilyn.
Bouncer : Where is your wristband? (note that we VIP have wristband and it is difference compare to normal pass).
Our wristband went missing for some reason. Marilyn came to me.
Marilyn : How? Where is my wrist band?
I took my wristband and gave to her right in front the bouncer eye. Then she show to the bouncer. Then the bouncer came to me.
Bouncer : Where is your wristband?
Me : =___= *In my mind keep thinking "Neh, i gave her adi".
Me : I drop it.
Bouncer : Really??
Me : #truestory
Bouncer walk away. Safe!

They said, this is the most epic party of the year! If you don't feel the epicness, mean you're not THIRSTy enough. Well, for the first time, finally I attended Heineken Thirst!! Previously didn't really keen to join but since this round most friends are there, so I was thinking why not?

* My tambahsatu of the night, Jennifer aka Babi Hutan Berbulu *

We actually convoy all the way from Kota Damansara to Sepang, three cars in total. Rain was our biggest enemy on that night but thanks God no traffic jam all the way. Sepang wasn't storm by rain at all. Guess bomoh in work, who know? :P

So we actually reach quite late which is around 9.30pm. It was actually perfect timing to start the party based on our past experience. If stay from beginning till late confirm we die and exhausted later. To make it much worth partying, both me and Benjamin actually brought our own Heineken crate to drink at car park. Well, beer inside is expensive... Alex manage brought Black Label as well.

* See this pro drink 2 alcohol simultaneously *
* Group photo at car park *
* Before we went in *

We walked into Thirst around 10pm, right on time when Above & Beyond on the stage! Of course deep in our heart are waiting for Avicii more who came out on 12am. Thus, picture with friends, shaking here and there, drink again and some social activities goes on until 12am, true party begin!

* There! See the art behind us! *
* Another group photo *
* We are just beside the stage! *
* VIP Entry *
* Bestie, Marilyn *
* With Simon *
* Jennifer and Hui Min *
* Group photo #1 *
* Ah Bok & Anna *
* Group photo #2 *
* The Porky Rocky gang *
* With Adrie *
* With Anna *

Avicii was rocking the stage like mad. He was awesome! Too bad, I am too lazy to walk to front and fight with the crowds to capture his picture. Sad no powerultrahypermegagigaterrasohaizoom in my camera.

Overall, awesome party! Of course, without awesome friends around this will not possible happen. Heineken Thirst did a great job and this shall conclude my 2012 party life..nah just saying. Who know what coming next? :P

* Ended the night with Planking on the circuit *

All pictures are taken with Samsung EX2F courtesy of Iris. Well, this experienced made me feel like I shall really get a compact camera for such situation. DSLR is too bulky and my EP3 is not pocketable. Maybe I shall really eye-ing on Fujifilm XF-1...oh mai money $$$$

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Jennifer FurFer said...

BU YAO. I NO LOVE U. say me babi hutan wtf T.T

Jessy said...

No wonder go home 7am!

Jackie Loi said...

@ah fu coz u mmg babi hutan!

@jessy where gottttt :(