Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life of PI (3D) Movie

Been wanted to catch this movie before it release because i though "Hey Look! Pretty cool CG I must catch this!". Had some impromptu outing with deary on last Sunday and we finally get to catch this movie in GSC IMAXX. After watch the movie, it is not about CG that make me feel this movie is worth paying for..it is about the story and message inside this movie. Thumb up for this movie! It makes me feel like grab the book and read.

Based upon the bestselling book by Yann Martel, LIFE OF PI tells the story of a young man's incredible survival at sea against impossible odds. A remarkable technological breakthrough in 3D epic adventure, PI is an emotionally captivating experience that will inspire, touch and transport audiences to a place of discovery that they will never forget.

I dunno where should I start OMG. This movie is just completely perfect that I had no complain. Alright let's start from the 3D since I am catching it in GSC IMAXX. Well, not much eye popping 3D effect to be honest but I guess it is still recommended to catch it in IMAXX in 2D maybe? You have no idea how awesome it is to view it in big screen ;)

Next CG? Totally awesome and beautiful. All animals CG is believable. I catch up their behind the scene and the making and get to know Richard Parker (The Tiger) contain 10 million fur..Ohmai 10 mil fur is like need render for dunno how many weeks per frame if using my cacat PC.

The story, the scene and flow are well composed. Gotta give a thumb up to Ang Lee for being awesome director. Though some scene seem like just to show the beautiness of CG, but it actually contain some message inside. You had to be pretty observant to realize that.

Overall, it is great movie. A movie that leave alot doubt and discussion for people who really understand the whole movie. Just like PI told the reporter, it has 2 difference story. Depend which you believe which it reflect your own belief. A very meaningful movie indeed and I gotta grab the novel to read!