Friday, December 28, 2012

Light Painting with Shutterbugs @ Taylor Lakeside

I am always opened and willing to explore more on photography and coincidentally one of the Nuffnang group, Shutterbugs are going to do Light Photography last 2 weekend at Taylor Lakeside. This is my first time shooting with them and in a group.

Somehow I felt nothing much technical on doing light painting. You just need light source, long exposure and yes, creative mind. Or else I feel it is pretty pointless to just simple whack a swirly light and call it as light painting.

I gotta admit I wasn't prepare nor think about it at all what kind of art I am going to create with light. All of us just seem no direction on what to do and simple play around and testing. I have to google it around on the spot and see some example but yet, I felt I can't do like what they are doing.

From this time experiences, I know I should be more aware and well prepared instead of wasting time exploring on it. Wish I could have a proper model shot this shooting like what I seen in some people works :)

Well, no point complaining. What done is done. It is more like learning and experimenting night instead of doing a proper job. At least, I learned something new.


Jennifer FurFer said...

Meh. I'm gonna try this someday XD

Jackie Loi said...

@ah fu try try try!