Monday, December 03, 2012

Sukiya @ Kota Damansara

Just few weeks ago, a new restaurant just opened near my work place. Feeling curious and since it is Japanese food, I brought along Betina to tried it out last week. So, here we are, Sukiya that located at Kota Damansara, right opposite Sunway Giza. They claim to be 2nd Sukiya in Malaysia. Where is the first one? Suki-Ya from Pavilion Tokyo street?

To my surprise the shop seem like packed and the style is fast food style. Yea, self service, self order. Pretty disappointed with the workers there since they cant understand my English or Malay when I requested some enquiries from them.

The bowl display to show various size seem disappointed. The difference prize is almost double but the amount doesnt seem much difference ;/ Nevertheless,I still take the large one just in case I scare I wont feel full.

* Herb Cheese Gyudon (L) RM15.20 *
* Salad set *
* Miso Soup *

I go ahead and grab the Herb Cheese Gyudon with the set salad (get to choose which set + a drink) + Miso Soup. The set is addition actually that cost RM5. Dont feel worth the value for me. Anyway, the beef they used is from aussie. Overall the rice is completely full with beef and I bet beef lover love it. Personally I feel just alright but not the best I ever had. The Ishiyaki Beef Pepper Rice from Watami still the best beef rice I ever had.

* Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Rice (L) RM11.90 *
* Kara-ague set *

Le Betina ordered Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Rice and another set of Kara-ague + Miso soup which cost RM6. Again, the 3 pieces of small ajinamoto chicken is so expensive ;/ might as well buy a big size from Pasar Malam. Tried her chicken and rice for a bit. Nothing to shout about. It just taste alright again and my beef rice taste heavier.

Total cost for the bill that night is RM38.10. Overall, not really a worth dining value for me since with the same price I can dine in at much better japanese restaurant. Plus the environment is noisy with everyone chit chatting as in I am in pasar. Beat the dining leisure purpose.

p/s All food photos taken by Helios 58mm f2. Just feel like dig back this lens and use out of sudden.


Jennifer FurFer said...

y u no eat shabu shabu? sukiya da bin lou the best eh

wmsif said...

is it Halal certified?

raymond said...

Sukiya served the best Gyudon aka Beef Bowl Rice in Japan. Most of the poeple who have visited Japan knew it. I myself love it loads. From what u have wrote above, i disagree of what u have said. Since you're not sure what they served best, you should have had order the signature dish from them which is the plain Gyudon. By the way, you mentioned about the sizes of the bowls and prices, i think it's reasonable because the bowl is FULL of thin beef slices. bloggers like you, not sure about the food stuff and simply write something which is untrue and just wanna take advantage from the readers and followers could ruin the reputation of others who put in the efforts and millions to open a restaurant all the way from Japan tho.

Jackie Loi said...

@ah fu eat before adi :P

@wmsif sorry not sure about that

@Raymond thanks for the commend and commendation. You have the right to disagree what I feel about it but if only base on my mere post that could easily ruin a shop reputation, then chatime will gone lone time adi.

Jackie Loi said...


benjamin vai said...

wah raymond whoever u ar. why u so emo.... lol from what i experienced, the one served in sukiya kota damansara somehow had it's standard drop. i dunno where u see have FULL bowl of beef la.

Clearly u don know that food quality defers each time you go and that deserves a rather strong reminder to the food chain owners.

Much like u eat at Watami, the one at pavillion serves a consistent quality of food and portion but the one in paradigm mall is different everytime i go and that has made me lose confidence in it.

This is one of those visit where the food is not up to standard.

Not sure why you would compare the Japan branches and the branches here.

so before you start hashing down on another's opinion as well as condemning bloggers by saying this "wanna take advantage from the readers and followers could ruin the reputation of others " is clearly a fool.

Kian Fai Koh said...
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Kian Fai Koh said...

lol "FULL of thin beef slices" . . . jokes of the day in Japanese Restaurant these days . . .

still dare to post THIN slices? other restaurant is serve THICK slices ok? LOL

Xian Yong Lim said...

@Kian Fai Koh "still dare to post THIN slices? other restaurant is serve THICK slices ok? LOL"

LOL have you been to Japan? Japanese beef slices are best served thin. it brings out the texture and flavour of the beef. before you start bashing others, think first!