Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Fear

Everyone has fears. Everyone live in fears isn't? For me, I am afraid of death. Maybe you all don't believe in me but I actually met death for 3 times.

The first death I almost met was when I was young. I am buying something on a shop and I saw my dad drive away his car. Feeling scare and curious why he do that, I quickly run to cross the road, without realizing there is a car heading towards me. Thanks for the power or brake, the driver actually manage to brake on time without hitting me. It just like 1CM distant in between us. I am safe...

The second death I almost met was when I am having high fever when I was 14. During that year, it is no strange if someone easily affected by dengue fever. Mum brought me to clinic to check and that's my first time in life actually my blood being taken away from my body for sample. Not long later, the doctor clinic called and said it is confirmed I got dengue and I am required to admit to hospital ASAP.

So I was actually in hospital and doctor said my condition actually was critical. My high fever doesn't goes down and my blood are taken away from my body for 3 times a day - day, noon and night. I can see my blood was black in color instead of red. I almost give up and though I could never recover. However, miracle just happened on me. Well, I am still blogging here means I haven't die :P

Finally, the last death I met was not long ago. It was two years ago with the car accident I met. It just a strange accident as if someone is controlling my car and bang on it.

If you notice one of my car tyre is being pull out during the accident. Strange, I tod I gonna die the moment my car flip. But I am safe again. Not to mention it just minor injury on my body. If you're curious to know you can click here to check out my accident.

During all the three accident, my vision can see Shinigami (God of Death) appeared in front me. However the last time when he pay visit to me he said to me, "Not yet..".

I am still having phobia driving now especially the same road I had accident. I wish I could face my fear bravely but I can't. Thanks to Astro Fear Factor Fearless Challenge coming next week, this might be the chance for me to conquer my fear.

Courtesy to Astro Fear Factor Malaysia, this year season is open up for some bloggers as well. Is time for me to tell Shinigami "YES, DEFINITELY NOT YET". I have no idea who will win, but can I choose myself? LOL because everyone has the fear to overcome thus it makes the challenge is pretty fair.

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