Monday, January 14, 2013

GAB Chinese New Year 2013 Launch

When you walk around mall and suddenly feel very red and dong dong chiang sound everywhere, it is a sign of Chinese New year is coming! This year, GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) launches their ‘Celebration of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity’ campaign which promises great promotions, exciting activities and auspicious events for loyal consumers to usher in the Year of the Snake.

For generations, the Fu Lu Shou has been central to the Chinese community, bestowing good fortune, wealth and health whenever they are sighted together. With its loyal drinkers in mind, GAB has put together a Chinese New Year offering that will reward them with the three Chinese star deities of Fu (福), Lu (禄) and Shou (寿) whenever they pick GAB’s own three stars; Guinness, Tiger and Anchor.

Throughout the festive season, consumers can check the bottle cap liners of any big bottle of Guinness, Tiger and Anchor to see if they have won one of 9 solid gold Fu Lu Shou sets worth RM 10,000 each (Red Cap Linerw), 999 gold-plated Fu Lu Shou sets worth RM 1,000 (Blue Cap Liners) each or to redeem 18 bottle liners for a Fu Lu Shou set (Black Cap Liners) to usher in good favour, wealth and health throughout the year ahead.

On the same time, GAB will also organize a series of charity dinners to raise funds Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association (陈氏书院) Hall as well as six other Chinese communities and villages across the country. These fundraising events will feature a Chinese dinner with Yee Sang and GAB’s iconic beers, great live entertainment and charity bazaar that also contributes funds towards the worthy cause of the dinners.

The year of snake will stay awesome with GAB! Let's cheers and get ready for the brand new year coming soon!