Friday, January 11, 2013

Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2

If you're looking for cheap and healthy Ramen, Ikuzo Ramen is one of your choices to be put under consideration. I been passing by this shop a multiples time but don't have chance to try it yet until last night. It located beside Mc Donald SS2.

The menu front cover pretty unique. Look's like some newspaper or propaganda going on. They heavily promote their Ramen is MSG and any other soup artificial free.

Without wasting time both me and le gf ordered Cha Su Ramen, Spicy Ramen and also Gyoza. To my surprise their service is very fast. Not even five minutes after we ordered the food came. Thumb up on this ;)

* Cha Su Ramen RM9.80 *

So like the name suggested, the Cha Su Ramen contains five pieces of pork (Cha Su) with their signature shoyu soup. It also served together with seaweed and spring onion. Well honestly I dont feel their so called shoyu soup tasty. It taste like mild soy sauce. Guess some disappointment died on me but hey, actually overall it is still not bad. The cha su is a thumb up for me!

* Spicy Ramen RM9.50 *

In other way, le gf Spicy Ramen soup is spicy miso based. It is really just spicy and easily covered your taste bud. The ramen come with sweet corn, cha su, beancurd skin, spring onion and also seaweed.

* Gyoza RM4.80 *

Nothing to shout on the Gyoza. It just taste ok.

Overall we spend only RM31.90 on the meal. No tax included. Well, isn't it cheap? ;)