Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mayday (NO WHERE) World Tour Meet & Greet @ Paradigm Mall

If you don't know I am huge fans of Mayday, it means you dunno me :P Ok i this this post gonna be flooded with quite alot Mayday photos. Last night they are here for a short meet and greet session with fans! Immediately after work, I rush to pick up le gf and reach Paradigm Mall at 7.20pm. LDP jam is such a bitch last night and since we are late, the crowds already took the front spot T.T

Beside a regular meet and greet session, here something extra - Mayday World Tour will be in Malaysia on 2nd March 2013. Good news for fans, they will have extra show on 3rd March 2013 too!! OMG I want! I failed to get tics earlier and hopefully I could grab this time T.T

Ticket will be start on sales 20th Jan 2013 11AM! Jot down peep!

As I said earlier, I am late to the session. Fans already gathered into a spot and impossible for me to squeeze to front. Being no choice I equiped my Olympus E-P3 with Tamron 90mm f2.5 to shoot. Still, I cant get closer picture. Not to mention hands, hands everywhere.

I give up. I use 2X Digital Tele on my cam and tadaa..this is the best zoom I could get, by scarifying the sharpness and noise reduction in my pics T.T In my heart keep telling why I no buy Pana 100-300mm huhuhu

Hopefully I can go their concert this year..shall stand by to grab the tics.. or anyone got media pass for me? :D :D


Jane Fong said...

Oh hi, I was there too! and was like jumping up and down to see both of them :p

Mayday's fans from

Jackie Loi said...

@Jane haha nice! I couldn't jump...too short to jump T.T