Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year Penang Trip : Eng Seng & Jolyn Goh ROM & Wedding Dinner

This was actually my main purpose head to Penang. It is E.S and Jolyn ROM and wedding dinner! This marked my second time actually attending wedding dinner. The first time was when I became photographer LOL

They have their ROM (Registration of Marriage - Some awesome new term I learn recently. All this while ROM for me is Read-only memory LOL) at their own hotel. If you wasn't aware, it is P.I.C.E Hotel I mentioned previously! Click here to check it out! Most room design are by Jolyn ;)

Not a very large area but simple and nice. The only thing I could complain is very sunny and hot. Well, can't complain much also actually since it was the roof top of the hotel ;/

Downloaded new apps to try and done pretty heavy color editing on the ROM photos since the canopy reflected red color on us. Oh btw the new apps I just downloaded to play around is Snapseed. Well, I do love the preset filter in this apps ;P Mind you I actually not heavy editor on my photos. I am those type what I see is what I shoot out.

Nevertheless, the ROM is very successful though no awesome nor touched speech. More like all the words are speak by the father LOL..I recorded a portion of the ROM ceremony but no time to edit yet piff..shall spend few hours to do it soon.

On next day night is their wedding dinner. It was held on a very large hall instead of restaurant. It fits more people actually :P Ok my hair look damn cinapek here..lazy to style -_-

Anyway, nothing to shout on the dinner. Food was ok, wedding dinner was successful, annoying gangnam style repeated for at least 3 times and emcee talk hokkien the whole night and it is an alien language for me.

Overall, nice experienced at Penang. Congrate to E.S and Jo again for their wedding! Thanks also for providing me accommodation. Wishing them happily ever after and quickly have Jr Jo :P