Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ragnarok Online II : Legend of the Second

OK I know I been busy recently I pretty much neglected my blog. I shall reveal what am I busy with currently beside working and sleeping.

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Yes! It is the damn Ragnarok Online II! As the ex player of the 1st RO, this is a must play game for me. Unfortunately everything change in this game. Swordman class no longer having the highest HP, Thief class no longer have highest avoid rate, Archer class no longer need use arror to shoot (WTF) and etc.

I am still playing since alot friends are playing. So, pls kick me to blog if you see my blog did not update coz I know I will ended up hooked into the game. But awesome! Just remind me those day how crazy I can go with Online game hehe

So are you playing RO II too? Add me! I am playing J server, IGN Jloi! Oh btw I am not Level 1 now..well I am a Knight instead of Swordman since last 2 weeks :P

I shall draw abitmore comic regarding with RO II. I got alot inspiration! Wee!!


Kian Fai Koh said...

I don't have the excitement to continue this game recently, ever since they solve the lag issue . . .

I am now lvl 37 and I got the higher hp than anyone else (in same lvl) . . .

what to do? I beastmaster mah :P

Jennifer FurFer said...

TIPU LA. Your blog updated more frequent than me LOL.
Faster max, we go raid

Jackie Loi said...

@Kianfai sei kam sau! :P

@Ah Fu u no come party dungeon with me how to lvling