Monday, January 21, 2013

We Love Asia @ Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

Hola! Been really busy recently and I think I have been neglecting my blog..huhu sorry *pat head* Nevertheless, just had awesome weekend last night. I went to We Love Asia party at Sepang International Circuit (SIC). Wootz my first party of the year 2013.

As usual, went together with the gang and start some pre-party drinking session at the dark car park. Brought my Baby Zeekon and 12mm f2 as my companion of the night. Gosh still loving my 12mm so much eventhough I wish I could afford Pana 7-14mm f4.

* The usual party animal gang *
* Group photo at parking *

Nothing to shout on the event. just one word, AWESOME! Red Foo and Steve Aoki done a great job last night! Sound speaker was nice - loud and clear. Party people goes crazy around and so on. Too bad, cant get close to the stage for photos.

Friends around most matters for me ;) Familiar faces around again who never feel bored partying.

* Le cute girl Wei Wei *
* Le sis who just came back from Korea, Samantha *
* Another group photo *
* Marilyn who suddenly revive her blog *

It is just beginning of the year! More to come ;)

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Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

*cough cough* why u show ur bulu?! XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, you're fast! :D I was there too, but at the drinking zone HEH

Isaac Tan said...

Nice, i think i'm getting too tired and old for all this.. was there, walked one round, and went home. sigh .

Jennifer FurFer said...

Yer I kinda regret for not going for Day 2 one

Jackie Loi said...

@ah ping because it is smexy ;3

@Hilda hor tak ajak drink!

@Isaac u damn free right -_-

@ah fu deswai!