Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Valentine & 6th Anniversary Part 2

Imbas kembali episode sebelum ini... Click here la LOLOLOL

Alright we are suppose to hunt food on One Utama. We had plenty of time but apparently most shop doesn't have plenty of space for us. Everywhere human mountain human sea ahh Oh before that, some photo of us being Derp and Derpina

After looking around One Utama, finally we decided to dine in to Watami! Wee my favourite japanese casual restaurant Struggling alot on what to choose and eat finally we decided to give it a try on the valentine package set A

Here are what we get!

Onsen Tamago Caesar Salad! The pork bacon is nice :D

Sadly no Wafu Pizza in the package . Thus we tried the Mentai Potato Pizza (Pizza topped with Cod Roe & Potato). I still prefer Wafu Pizza for being aromatic but le gf like this too.

Shrimp Tempura This 1 does blow my mind away. I really have no idea how it can be so tasty. Le gf love it so much too. Glad we choose this in the set.

Sukiyaki Korean hot pot with beef in Spicy Broth. Nothing special on this. The beef taste ordinary.

French Fries. It seem they put some herbs on the fries but it still not nice without the sauce. MyBurgerlab fries still nicer.

Salmon Sashimi is the best on that night. Since le gf like fish, this is totally heaven to her. Not to mention Watami actually restock every Thursday. Thus, it was a perfect day to get their Sashimi

Finally dessert! Was so full by d time d dessert arrived Red Bean crepes with Green Tea Ice Cream. Love the ice cream, the quality still there ;) I though Red Bean crepes is crispy but ended up is soft 1 and easily to chew. Nice also!

Overall, my plan A failed. Luckily though of Plan B as well. Thanks Watami for saving my Valentine and did not ruin it like what Six Inch Cafe did to my last christmas


Lim Eunice said...

haha.. Initially i wanted to go Watami also geh.. but ended up... i ended up somewhere else lah haiya.. the food looks nyum nyum!! Not bad wad.... for the price u pay..^^

Merryn said...

I forgot where I was on Valentine's Day! @_@

Yuh Jiun said...

wooo so sweet :P

Jackie Loi said...

@Eunice totally worth it ;)

@Marryn Honeymoon at Narnia? :P

@Yuh Jiun Teeeheeeee