Friday, February 15, 2013

The Wedding Diary II 《结婚那件事之后》 Movie

Valentine day just passed but hey, everyday is Valentine day ok? Finally both me and le gf manage to spend time together after long holiday from Chinese New Year and we went to watch The Wedding Diary II 《结婚那件事之后》 last night.

The Wedding Diary 2 picks up two years after the marriage of Wei Jie (Aniu) and Zhixin (Elanne), when they welcome a new and unexpected addition to their family. However, all is not well for Wei Jie`s in-laws when Zhixin`s father, Colin (Jack Choo) suffers a stroke, which puts a strain on the couple`s relationship as Zhixin has to step up to handle her father`s business and at the same time, ensure that her mother (Kara Hui) does not fall into depression and anxiety due to her husband`s condition.

It is one of the movie I must watch in this month. It is sequel for the first instalment, where both main character was in miserable life for preparing wedding and after wedding, mostly involved money. However I was expecting this sequel is about the baby where the life are extra trouble for taking care the baby however the director seem love to give them trouble after trouble, involved both parties parent problem.

If I would generalized it, this time around the movie is more on family bond. Be it busy, rich or successful, family bond is most important to hold the family. Honestly, it is very heart warming story. Le gf mentioned this time around the camera angle did pretty well to capture importance scene and expression.

One of the funniest scene for me will be the special appearance of Chapman To in the movie. Guess what will happen when Aniu meet Chapman To? hahaha

Perfect movie for Chinese New Year and Valentine to watch with your love one :)

p/s I like the theme song of the movie ;)