Monday, March 04, 2013

Brooks Run @ Bukit Jalil

Back to 3 months ago, I sign up for this run after got tempted by my colleague. I even manage to asked my deary and Sher Lynn to join. This marked my second experience of marathon after my 5KM in Desa Park City. Sadly I was lacked of training for this run and thanks for Chinese New Year on February, I did not train at all for whole month. Of before I forgot, I joined 10KM this time. Breaking my 5KM barrier because during practise, most I run also 5KM only.

So What am I doing a night before the run? Still no practise. Instead, I went to watch Bromance of the Four Kingdom at PJLA with friends and it was superb funny! Especially the park Douglas Lim hate Kpop :P After the show, was having dinner with them and continue to drinking session on round 2. On the night itself I told myself "Tmrw run I am fucked!" Thinking to give up or skipped it but oh well, I still went in the end.

Run start at around 6.45am for 10KM category. Bukit Jalil indeed Bukit Jalil! Damn alot hills! Piff why u no call Taman Jalil!

1KM Journey : This is the only where everyone dash away from the starting point and flap the wing to fly! Ok just joking. 1st KM was pretty relaxing and didn't push myself so hard. Not far away from the starting saw someone actually fainted and other runner around doing CPR for him. Not sure is it the one who passed away that pointed out in Facebook today.

2KM Journey : Nothing interesting. Started to hold back and walk abit. Surrounding is very dark.

3KM Journey : WATER! WATER! Paper cup are everywhere on the road and here come my first hills. Well no sweat.

4KM Journey : More hills and even sloppier.

5KM Journey : Sun started to rise. But still enjoying walking slowly with others. No pretty girl spotted too bad.

6KM Journey : Same thing with 3km journey. After not far leaving from the water station, suddenly I can feel both of my leg gonna cramp. I stop down a while and stand straight, knowing that the moment I bend my leg I could fall down and start cramp. Raise my leg slowly and BANG! left leg cramp. FML! Gotta sit down at the side and straighten my leg. Other runner just walk passed me and look at me. No 1 lend a hand to help huhuhu.. After rest for 5 minute tried to stand up, walk abit, pain like mofo, stop again, after a minute, walk slowly *Successkid.jpg*

7KM Journey : Dragging my left leg and walk and in my mind though "1 leg cramp enough adi. right leg should be won't cramp" Bang! Right leg cramp now. Gotta stop at the side and sit down like a small kid who fell down from ground. Luckily 3 runners came and helped me. Really feel grateful. Now I had problem. How the hell am I suppose to walk with my both leg?? Feel like give up and starring at the police traffic while mind keep thinking "Bang boleh hantar I gi finishing line?". Well, I tried to stand up after resting for almost 10 minute and walk step by step, like a baby just learn how to walk. It was pain like shit but it is not comparable than just standing there.

8KM Journey : Walk abit, stop a while, walk abit, stop a while. That's my rhythm and seriously I feel like I can't make it. Again, I look at police traffic and my mind running wild again. Looking on other runners who didn't give up and keep walking, same goes to old people, it actually toughen me up from being pussy and continue walking. Sad no pretty girl spotted again..

9KM Journey : I am on my own world and own pace. My mind was running away dunno where. Leg still pain but it seem I can walk at normal speed...

10KM Journey : Finally! End point! Walk faster to the booth, collect my medal and run back to car and relieved all my pain!

That's all my 10KM journey. Take me 2 hour and 14 minutes to complete it (according to my endomondo). I was wondering can I complete it in 1.5 hours if nothing actually happen to my leg. Well, what happen happened, I have no regret. In fact, I had fun joining this time running.

First thing to do after rest enough in car is to get brunch with deary. Finally got chance to eat the Nasi Lemak at Village Park.

Then again, there goes my effort in running 10KM...

Healing my leg now. Hopefully can practise more for SC run coming June. Still deciding to join 10KM or push myself to 21KM.

Anyway, what I mentioned above are True Story k?


Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Marathon where got pretty girl wan... no girl will put on makeup ROFL

Matjoe said...

congrat bro. aku lari 10k jugak but the crowd is huge, couldn't spot you

Jackie Loi said...

@Ah Ping sure got natural beauty 1 ok? Not every1 like u :P

@MatJoe Thanks bro! Yea too huge crows and hardly spot any familiar faces haha

Jackie Loi said...

@Ah Ping sure got natural beauty 1 ok? Not every1 like u :P

@MatJoe Thanks bro! Yea too huge crows and hardly spot any familiar faces haha