Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Duck King @ Jaya One

Another overdue post. Geez I am starting to developed this lazy habit. Shall keep track more often what pics I had in my camera. Nevertheless, had my lunch at Duck King for the first time before Chinese New Year over. A little gathering with some gang especially Sharon who missed us so much :P

Here are the food ordered by us :

* Century Egg with Spinach soup *

Nothing to shout about this century egg with spinach soup. The taste just nice and alright.

* Toufu with Pork Sauce *

The toufu with pork sauce is seriously nice! The sauce thickness, the minced pork meat plus the toufu is heavenly combine!

* Honey Pork *

Forgot what this call...Honey pork i think? This is seriously nice too. The sauce thickness just nice.

* Roasted Pork *

Roasted Pork aka siu yuk is nice too. The half fat half thin meat plus the crispy skin is totally awesome that I can practically eat the whole plate by my own.

* Roasted Duck *

Finally, the star of the day, roasted duck from Duck King. Though not the best duck I ever had (Kepong and Cheras has the best duck!), but it is still very nice and recommended.

Ok I know I write a bad post on this. That's because the post pretty overdue and I totally forgot the details of each food... My bad.. Guess in future I should jot down all the points :( If you gonna bash me, come! I am ready *armed with weapon* LOL