Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love is in the air

No, Not mine. Still long way to go for me to have courage and commitment to propose to le gf. Ok just jk. She gonna rip off my head if she see this. Nevertheless, just in 2 days I get news from friends that they are getting married! Nothing else to describe my feeling beside HAPPY :D One of them would be April & Charmaine and another 1 is my friend since childhood.

April proposed to Charmaine on her own birthday last 2 days. How sweet is it? She getting iPad mini and wedding as her birthday lolol. I guess this page gonna stay for more than a year :P So it is never too late for those who know them and comment in the page ;) GoGo!

Another childhood friend who currently at Sabah gonna marry next year too! Honestly everyone in the chat group are happy about it and spam none stop last night. He will be the first among us to give "red bomb". If you're wondering, everyone in the whatsapp groupchat are my childhood friends since primary school. Yea, I mentioned them alot time in my past blog post whenever we went vacation, birthday celebration or even yumcha.

* haha our old photo! Spot me? :P *
* 1 of the guy I mentioned is getting marry next year. The rest will be heng dai. Guess who? *
* One of our latest photo. I grow fat LOL *

I am really happy for him :) All of us now planning to fly to Sabah next year to attend his wedding. Once a lifetime, gotta create awesome moment and memories for everyone!

Anyway, really all the best and blessed to they all :) Guess entering this quarter life crisis means getting hit by more red bombs. Just joking :P


Jennifer FurFer said...

WHY JACKIE! When I can yum your one? XD

Jackie Loi said...

@Ah Fu i kenot yum urs 1st mehhhh