Monday, March 11, 2013


No time, no motivation, no inspiration. Yes I am referring to my blog now.. Since CNY over I have to wake up every 6am to work. Thanks to stupid road construction and changes in Kota Damansara, all parking are fucked up. Last time reach office by 9.30am still has plenty of parking. Now? before 9 already finished. The parking pretty much shrink. Damn it! Wonder which son of bitch construct the road till like that. It even cause more jam than usual inside the area niasing..

Well, since it is still beginning of the year 2013, nothing much event i attended and for me to blog too (lol wut!? since when my blog is all about event!?)..well so lets talk about myself and some rant. Alot thing happens in on 1 month and it cause me to rethink whether it is good idea or not for me to continue what I am doing now. I got feeling I am getting off track from what I dream off and wanna do. Perhaps I shall give myself another year to see where and how far I am progressing. If it is off track for sure, gotta change track before accident happen. If you're wondering what I am talking about, I am referring to my job.

Ok enough to rant this. Four more months before my Hong Kong trips. I am excited seriously. My mind keep want a new camera to be bought and bring over there for shooting. Scumbag brain. In the same time with announcement of Nikon D7100, I am very looking forward for price drop in Nikon D7000 so that I can grab it. Again, scumbag brain and heart fall in love with Fujifilm - Be it X Pro 1, X-E1, X100s. In the same time, rumors Olympus is will release a mirrorless body that 100% compatible with it's ancestor four third lens also which mean I can fully utilize my Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 lens! Ohh why I no money to buy all!? :(

On phone side, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z in war in my mind now. Already disappointed on ASUS for trolling my padfone. Too bad scumbag Sony Malaysia is idiot in terms of marketing. HTC is still struggling. GOGO! Don't kalah to Samsung!

Blah whatever it is...I will wait till my HK trips over and until Q4 to decided. In the same time, wishing I could start save money for future plan. There is a business plan in my mind...hehehehe


HenRy LeE said...

how about thursday? u missed that out! haha... i feel like getting the X20. Wider lens and better video quality than x100 :D

HenRy LeE said...

opsss... just realized thursday is below

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha yea Thursday at below XD
Fujifilm X20 is nice too! But ayam greedy, more like X100s XD

HenRy LeE said...

alang2 ex-1 mah... can play with ur lenses :P

Jackie Loi said...

XE1 u mean? haha still waiting the second gen 1. Confirm better improvement ;)