Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design Contest Part 1 - Cardometer

Credit card is one of a must in our daily life. Thanks to credit card, we don't need to bring a luggage of cash when buying stuff. Without noticing, credit card has slowly become our lifestyle. Thus, an attractive design is a must! Here, I would like to introduce a credit card designed by me specially for youth. I name it as Cardometer.

 photo credit-card_Edited_zps5a3fed47.jpg
* Click the image for larger size *

Three gradient color was used in the card to reflect mysterious yet elegant style because dark color easily bring out other color to shine. The circuit design on the card will be shiny and reflective to bring out the premium feel and also feel futuristic.

So why it is called cardometer? Lemme explain. Do note that the next explanation indirectly related with the circuit theme design too. If you notice, the card has a value reading on it. In that case it is RM3000 on my picture above. What is that actually? Beside introduce new design for the youth credit card, I actually would like to introduce a new function on the credit card. The credit will be build with simple electronic circuit inside to display the value on the small screen. The value is actually show your current credit spending.

So each time a user buying something and swipe Cardometer, the amount will increase on the LCD screen accordingly. This function will be very important to everyone especially youth to prevent them over spending their credit card and also easily reminding them how much they had spend. It also can train youth to be more discipline on their spending. To match with this revolutionary features in the credit card, this explain why circuit design was chosen as well.

So what ya think? Will you get Cardometer and begin your self discipline training? ;)

* Wouldn't hurt to have one for myself and keep reminding how much had I spend in this month *