Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design Contest Part 2 - Pinswipe

Click here for the part 1 if you havent see. I just can't help it but keep thinking it would be cool if I had good looking credit card and also have alot benefits for me.

* Click the image for larger size *

Again, I am heading toward some futuristic feel on the design. Blue color are commonly seen in hologram - You know it when you watch Iron Man movie which is the reason why I am including some hologram and also circuit design on it. Instead of shiny and reflective like my part 1 design, the hologram design will glow in dark! This will make your credit card easily spot in the dark :P Such futuristic design, youth will like it.

Like part 1, I would like to sell features too beside design. If you notice, there is another small LCD panel on the card also also numbers from 0-9. You should be easily guess that the numbers are actually for someone to key in pin code. Yup! Carrying a credit card is very convenient but it could be a problem when your credit was stolen and people could easily use ur card to swipe.

So, here explain why this card is called Pinswipe! The credit card is build with capacitive touch button for user to set their 6 pin code. Meaning to say, each time before user swipe their card to purchase swipe, just key in the 6 pin code and you can proceed the payment. With this security, user can easily feel safe eventhough their credit card is lose or get stolen. Like most of the security code, 3 chances will be given to key in the pin and failure will result the card disable until you contacted the bank.

So what ya think about Pinswipe? Just key in your pin and you're good to go to swipe to purchase your items. Easy to use and secure!

* Wouldn't worry even my card get stolen! *