Monday, April 29, 2013

Heineken Ibiza @ Mines Wellness Hotel

The surprise is over! The Heineken Ibiza secret location revealed! It is at Mines Wellness Hotel as my post title. I guess it is pretty cool to have party there. The only thing I would complain was the night not windy enough.

I was late when I arrived due to some helping Cayenne in her event. The event already started half way and they are on deciding the winner.

Congratulation to the top three winners! They will be joining us, Heineken fans from around the world in an ultra luxurious all expense-paid VIP experience at the UCL Final viewing event in a uniquely Heineken way at Ibiza, Spain! From there onwards, real party start with DJ spinning! Foods and beers are served of course.

Feel so nice to enjoy the party beside sea. Can't help it but the sunset is so nice that I ended up capture it together with deary.

Oh yea I do realize I wasn't dress appropriately. Long pant at beach? Bitch pls. But who care? :P

Nevertheless, a great night with companions around. Too bad the rain pretty much spoiled the mood.

Congratulation to the winners again and Heineken for the awesome party!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 Premier Screening

Courtesy to Nuffnang, I get to watch Iron Man 3 Premier Screening last night. Like finally! A movie I have been anticipating. Not because the movie itself but because of Robert Downey Jr character as Tony Stark who never been bored.

Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy's hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

For a quick conclusion, Iron Man 3 not that awesome but still enjoyable and leave you WOW for a moment. Just disappointed on the weak villain. As a fans of Iron Man, I do research abit on the comic character itself and pretty disappointed with the difference compare with the movie. Of course they couldn't follow the comic 100% because in comic, Marvel's is a very big universe that lead to alot arcs and also superheroes. Still, thumb up to Shane Black for the Iron Man 3.

What's difference compare the Iron man 3 with the comic? Well for starter, Iron Patriot is not a repaint version of War Machine. Iron Patriot is a stand alone character, real identity is Norman Osborn who later establish Dark Avenger (I wish this could be make into movie..). Mandarin supposingly has 10 ring which come with difference magic power but unfortunately those ring does nothing int he movie. The mandarin itself is an loser as well. Aldrich Killian is just a scientist in comic who developed Extremis with Maya Hansen and later suicide instead of becoming one of the immortal soldier like in movie and claim himself is Mandarin.

Alright back to story. I pretty like the story that focus alot on Tony Stark and Pepper Potts development. Well Pepper Potts got bigger role in this movie and also the relationship between her and Tony was well display. Not much Iron Man suit action until the end of the final battle (you know you all will orgasm looking all Tony Stark Iron Suit controlled by Jarvis). Love it how Tony handle and go to action without his suit. Guess that answer him whether does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man. Sadly James Rhodes/War Machine/Iron Patriot doesn't play much important role in the movie. Such a waste of paint on Iron Patriot.

Robert Downey Jr contract with Marvel is end. But of course, he will return in The Avenger 2 or maybe a little bit in The Galaxy Guardian? How about Iron Man 4? Who know. Definitely a worth watching movie! So fans, complete ur Iron Man trilogy now at cinema ;) I am waiting for Thor : The Dark World next!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hakata Ippudo Ramen @ Pavilion, KL and Tai Lei Loi Kei @ Hutong, Lot 10

Every weekend seem like sinful day for me because I am surrounded by good foods and food companions. Last 2 weeks I went to try out Hakata Ippudo ramen since it is a hype now and deary been really wanna try it. Ken, Zhao, Jacq, Alex, Sophia and Karwei joining us for the dinner. Finally the ffk godness Sophia is free for meet up :P

Since we have more people, we could order more foods. I guess I had abit culture shock that night because the green tea there wasn't refillable. A pot of tea just good enough for 2 cup of glass. We
gotta drink considerately ;/

Nevertheless, check out the appetizer we had.

* Avocado and Shrimp Wasabi Mayo RM13 *
* Curry Cheese Haru Maki RM10 *
* Pork Bun RM7 *

The Avocado and Shrimp Wasabi Mayo is very nice. The prawn is pretty fresh and nice to chew. Nothing to shout at Curry Cheese Haru Maki since is actually taste like curry puff to me. Can't detect any cheese taste. Finally the all time favorite, Pork Bun! Probably this is one of the best pork bun I ever had. The meat is so juicy and their sauce is awesome! Too bad it is too small :(

Finally is the ramen time! They had three signature which are Ippudo Original Tonkotsu (Shiromaru), Ippudo Original Tonkatsu (Akamaru) and Ippudo Spicy Tonkatsu (Karaka). Each signature will have another four difference type of ramen which basically same thing except one come with nothing, one with extra tamago, one with extra char siu and the finally one is everything inside. Well, we call that ultimate and most of us actually ordered that. It is worth to mention too they have three type of noodle - soft, medium and hard.

* Shiromaru Special RM34 *
* Akamaru Special RM36 *
* Karaka Special RM36 *

I got myself Shiromaru Special. On my first sip of the soup it totally blow my mind away. This is probably the most tastier and flavored tonkatsu (pork soup) I ever had. Though it is actually salty but I can bear it and finish up the soup on the bowl. The cha siu they had is slightly difference from the pork bun I had earlier. Noodle is elastic enough to chew and bite. I can't taste much the difference between Shiromaru and Akamaru except Akamaru had special sauce addition and taste less saltier and minimal spicy. Didn't get to try out the Karaka but according to deary it is spicy and she like it.

Total bill RM400 for 8 of us. Fuhh finally I am spending over Rm30 for a bowl of noodle. Worth it? Yes since it really taste good but I wouldn't have such luxury meal as frequent. Once in a a while is ok :)

Well while we all are actually thirsty because of the noodle and none refillable green tea, we decided to drop by to Lot 10 for a drink at Hutong while few of us wanna try out the just-opened-not-long- Tai Lei Loi Kei. They are famous for pork chop bun in Macau and this is their first outlet in Malaysia.

There are too many to choose fromt heir menu but in the end I decided to get a set which come with Signature Pork Chop Bun and a drink that cost RM12.50. In addition of RM3.00, I got myself a Tangy Mango Pudding with Longan.

* Signature Pork Bun RM11.20 (ala carte) *

After so much hype of the pork chop bun, I actually feel abit disappointed. It just a pork chop with a bun on it. No special sauce or nothing. Probably the signature is sauce-less. The pork chop is pretty dry and salty. Not the best, really. Alex told me there are better pork chop bun in Macau which I must try when I go there. I am looking forward to it on my coming HK trip on July.

* Tangy Mango Pudding with Longan *

The dessert? Nothing to shout. Just nice :)

Overall, a very sinful dinner with the gang but it is nice bonding session with them :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Define @ Zebra Square, KL

I was still sick last weekend but I guess kuai lou leong cha pretty much cure me LOL. So I was invited to Define event last weekend at Zebra Square, KL with theme code has to be white and blue. Being guy itself we all know if we wear white shirt how it gonna be. What? mai look like just came back from work lor.

* I guess i call this #asiansatwork *

Once arrived and enter the place, blue light was my first impression. The moment I see it I know I am fucked. Yea I dislike strong hue lighting. It wasn't friendly to my camera :( oh well blame myself for lazy set up the camera also. So just screw it and enjoy the event.

* wee with Adrie again *
* Those guy playing with my camera LOL *
* There again, wide angle FTW *

We have DJ Nasty & GuruGuru spinning for us on that night. Forgot who are the next DJ since I am ready to go home after she came out :(

Tried Mojito for the first time. Oh well, pretty sickening but it cure my cough. Hooray!

Wish more friend could join us but unfortunately the invites are too exclusive ;/ Oh well.. Here last photo of so por for u

Alot things happen to her that night, hahahahaa!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kick-off to Heineken Ibiza Party ‏ 2013

You know, the clock is tickling and will never return. That's mean the Heineken Ibiza Final contest will officially ends this Saturday 20 April!! So what else you waiting for? Grab yourself and win the chance to watch the screening of UEFA Champions League (UCL) Final VIP-style in the party capital of the world – Ibiza, Spain at !!

The only catch is that the Heineken Ibiza Final tickets are hidden in a secret location somewhere in Klang Valley and fans are encouraged to collaborate via social media activities in order to be one step closer to finding out where the tickets are!

Once the location is revealed, 80 lucky football fans will be invited to participate in the Heineken Ibiza Finale Challenge where they will have to display their skills through a combination of charm, imagination and inventiveness to be rewarded with this ultimate football and music experience.

You have few more days to win a trip to Ibiza. Here’s how:

• Visit Heineken’s Facebook page ( and click ‘Kick-off to Ibiza Final’ app where you can either “Check In” or tweet with the hash tag #LikeAChamp
• As your number of tweets and check ins increase, the map will zoom in closer to unveil the secret location of the hidden Heineken Ibiza Final tickets

• To take part, you need to enter a code. Purchase two buckets or eight glasses of Heineken Draught OR purchase a Heineken Ibiza Final 24-pack at participating outlets and receive a Unique Code
• Enter your Unique Code in Heineken Malaysia website (
• Fill in your personal details and you’re on your journey to Heineken Ibiza Final
• Once you receive an e-mail invitation to the secret location, be prepared to use your wits to find the hidden tickets

Known for its rolling landscapes of enchanting views, Ibiza’s rugged coastline sprinkled with dozens of sandy beaches is a haven for tourists and party goers alike.

For a quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience, set foot in Amnesia, a household name among the party scene and brace yourself to be transported to a land of allure and pure magnetism where the rich and famous like Naomi Campbell, Tiesto, David & Victoria Beckham & Kylie Minogue are among the iconic names to have partied the night away.

The top three winners will join 250 Heineken fans from around the world in an ultra luxurious all expense-paid VIP experience at the UCL Final viewing event in a uniquely Heineken way at Ibiza, Spain.

Four more days to win the Heineken Ibiza Final experience, head to Heineken’s Facebook page ( and all participating Heineken outlets nationwide today. Contest ends in 20 April.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Holy! Iron Man 3 is coming! Been waiting this movie since The Avenger as we all know it is one of the final part of the trilogy series. Not to mention recent trailer shown there will be alot, alot, alot, alot of Iron Man suit! Though i doubt they will have alot screen time but at least all of them are used by AI and join the final battle with Mandarin. War Machine remodel into Iron Patriot (though in comic Iron Patriot are actually not War Machine). So many awesomeness in one movie, how could I miss it?

Courtesy to Nuffnang, all bloggers are given chance to catch up Iron Man 3 movie! Well, the condition is I have to come out my own Iron Man design suit. There are alot in my mind but in the end I design a suit where stray away from the traditional Iron Man suit. Here are the design.

I'll call this armor "Total Recoil Armor". Rather than depend on heavy fire weapon built in the suit itself, this suit actually give Tony Stark high defense and also close combat ability. The armor is modified from Mark II with extra shoulder pad the backpack on the back. The backpack actually are anti gravity device that allow Iron Man fly and also act as his Astra Gun casing.

The Astra Gun powered by cosmic energy. Thus, the damage is much heavier compare to all fire arm Iron Man had previously. The same kind of weapon couldn't install on Iron Man suit itself due to high recoil rate. Thus, it was separated as a Gun itself and only Total Recoil Armor can bear the recoil rate. Other than the gun, the boot of the suit has blade, to cut any of his enemy with his kick.

In terms of color, it is Iron Man signature color. Gold and Red!

As conclusion, Total Recoil Armor are suit that design for close combat but doesn't lost any previous Iron Man suit ability such as fly and also firearm weapon.

Here are the extra image of the Total Recoil Armor.

What if I make it into movie poster? :P

Though it is fans made, but actually it is cool if my suit ideal make it into movie huhu..
Anyway hope I can win the movie ticket to watch Iron Man 3 to kick Mandarin ass!